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Life is filled with uncountable tribulations and problems that come unexpectedly. Hence, true believers need a solid foundation that can help them in these situations. The Holy Spirit fills this role of comforting and giving hope to believers when they are faced with these difficult situations. Jesus said that he would ask his father to send a helper and comforter to help believers. Christians have a responsibility of glorifying and praising God in their lives. The Holy Spirit is the one who steps in to help the believers glorify God and hence maintain their relationship with God (Grenz, et al., 307).The importance of understanding the roles of the Holy Spirit is extremely important in my professional career as a preacher of the ministry and also in my daily lives. In my personal life, I encounter many struggles just like any other human being. Sometimes I lose hope and I do not know what is next. However, after the lessons that I have learned in this course concerning the Holy Spirit, I have regained my belief in my Christian faith. I can now see clearly that without the Holy Spirit, a man cannot be a true believer. Hence, it would not be possible to overcome most of the tribulations of every day. However, with the Holy Spirit, I can be able to surmount these troubles. The Holy Spirit will also help me lead a happier and more productive life, through the discovery of the gifts that have been bestowed upon me by the Holy Spirit. Hence, when I am filled with the holy spirit, I will be able to serve God much better once everything is over, I will go to my heavenly home to be with my God.

In my ministry profession, the Holy Spirit will help and guide me throughout and hence I will be able to teach my fellow Christians. When I teach Christians the importance and the role of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives, they will be able to stay away from sin. They will also be able to lead happier and better lives. Therefore, with this knowledge of the Holy Spirit, I will not just be able to live a better life, but also encourage and help others as well.



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