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1.  Explain clearly and briefly, in your own words, the six fundamentals of Islamic belief.

Often, the Muslim doctrine is summarized into the six articles of faith, which are the fundamental beliefs that every Muslim is expected to ascribe to. Belief in God

The main belief in Islam, which is probably the most important theme of the religion, is that that there is only one God. This God is given the name Allah.

Belief in Angels

In Islam, angels are spiritual beings that act in accordance to the wishes of Allah. They happen to be messengers who deliver messages from God to the people while also carrying out other duties. Some angels like Gabriel are mentioned in the Quran.

Belief in the Books of God

There is a belief among Muslims that God revealed to his messengers several books as proof to his followers and as a way of guiding them. The Quran is the most important of this book, having been revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Belief in Prophets of God

Muslims believe in messengers and prophets of God such as Adam, Abraham, Noah, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jacob, and Jesus. Prophet Muhammad is the most important of them all. Muslims believe he is the last prophet that God sent.

Belief in the Day of Judgment

There is a belief among Muslims in the Day of Judgment when everyone will be resurrected and then judged by God in accordance with their beliefs and deeds.

Belief in Al-Qadar

In Islam, there is a belief in Al-Qadar, which happens to be divine predestination. However, this belief does not mean that humans have no free will. God has given them free will, meaning that they can choose between right and wrong, and are responsible for the choices they make.

2. Explain clearly and briefly, in your own words, the five pillars of the Islamic religion.

The Islam religious practice is based on tenets referred to as the Five Pillars, and all members of the Islamic community are expected to adhere to them.

The Shahada

The Shahada, or the Profession of Faith, is the most important expression of Islamic beliefs. Simply put, it states that there is no other God apart from Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet. This tenet emphasizes the monotheistic nature of the religion.


A Muslim is supposed to hold prayers five times per day. However, this does not mean going to a mosque to pray. The Salat, meaning the daily prayer, has to be recited five times per day.

Zakat (Alms giving)

The third pillar of Islam involves the giving of alms. Despite the fact that it is not stipulated in the Quran, Muslims are of the opinion that they are of the opinion that they should share their material possessions with the less fortunate members of the society.

Saum (Fasting during Ramadan)

Muslims are supposed to fast from morning until evening in the course of the holy month of Ramadan. This falls on the ninth month of the Islams calendar. Every Muslim is expected to avoid eating and drinking anything during the day, although exceptions are made of sick and elderly individuals as well as pregnant women.

Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)

Muslims who can make it are expected to visit Mecca and the nearby holy sites for pilgrimage at least once in their lifetimes. The event takes place on the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar and is usually all about walking around the Kaaba seven times.

3. Explain clearly and briefly, in your own words, the ideal of spiritual excellence in the Islamic religion.

The concept of spiritual excellence in the Islamic religion, also called Ihsan, means that Muslims are responsible individuals. It is the opposite of bad behavior, and means that a Muslim strives to do what is righteous while avoiding harmful deeds. He puts some effort to benefit servants of Allah through his knowledge, position, wealth and personality. In the case of being philanthropic with ones wealth, such a person spends and contributes to charity. One of the best ways of doing good involves the Zakat considering that it is among the pillars of Islam and a great foundation of the religion. It is the charity that Allah loves most, followed by that a person is obliged to spend on close and distant relatives. The next step involves giving to the less fortunate members of the society as well as anyone else who deserves charity.

In the case of doing good in terms ones position, it stems from the fact that individuals are found in different levels. Some people are in positions of high authority and thus are considered a status symbol. Such individuals strive to benefit others below them by virtue of their position. Hence, if someone comes to that person seeking for help, they have an obligation to use their position of authority to attain some form of good or prevent harm from happening.


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