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How would you describe a Catholic baptism? What is its meaning, its purpose in the community, and what are key elements in its liturgy?

Baptism is the gateway to a life of Spirit in Christ. It is the first sacrament and paves way for the other sacraments. The purposes of the Catholic baptism include incorporating the baptized into the body of Christ, it makes the baptized a new creature, and gives them a share in the royal priesthood of Christ. The baptism of infants symbolizes the forgiveness of the originals sins they were born with. For an older person, the baptism marks the forgiveness of the sins they did before they were baptized. It is hence a symbol of the forgiveness of the sins one has done in their life before Christ and serves as a transition to their new life in Christ. This ceremony also serves to welcome them to the Catholic faith. There is, however, no restriction on the age at which one can be baptized. The only requirement for one to be baptized is that they should never have been baptized before. The rite of baptism leaves a permanent mark on the soul and as such, one does not require to be baptized twice. Baptism is ordinarily performed by a designated person mostly priests and bishops. In some cases, this duty can be delegated to other persons such as deacons. An unbaptized individual cannot baptize anyone unless in a situation of life and death. If an individual is on their deathbed and has the need to proclaim Jesus Christ as their personal savior, anyone can conduct the baptism. During a baptismal ceremony, water is used as it symbolizes cleansing. This ritual can be done by immersing the individual in a pool of water or applying water with the cross sign on the forehead for infants. The Catholic Church uses the Trinitian sign when baptizing. This is not employed in all denominations, however, the Catholic Church only acknowledges a baptism where the Trinitian sign was used. The individual conducting the baptism articulates the words I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The christened individual is then anointed using chrism that symbolizes health-giving, supremacy, and power from the Almighty. A paschal candle is lit symbolizing that the baptized will receive the light of Christ. The oil of catechumen is applied on the childs chest symbolizing Gods strength and Gods new guidance in their lives. Sacred chrism oil represents Gods favor.

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After the baptism, a confirmation follows where the baptized is acknowledged and accepted. Anyone being baptized in the Catholic Church should put on white attire symbolizing a pure belief and the purifying capability of Baptism. White garments symbolize the white garments Jesus wore when he died and lay in the tomb after his death on Good Friday. An adult is typically expected to put on an alb which is an all white and full length robe. The congregation prays for the christened individual to be accepted into the royal priesthood of Christ and welcomes them. They wrap them in a white robe symbolizing acceptance. I joined the congregation in the prayers. The baptism allowed me to know in detail the closeness the Catholic people have. The Catholics give great importance to this ritual as it symbolizes the renewal of ones life and another soul receiving the Almighty.

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