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Modern romance has taken a new route as compared to what happened in the old days where romance was official, and there were few ways on how people could express their feelings of love and romance to each other. In the contemporary times, people have become heavy users of the social media and online dating to express their romantic feelings. Ansaris article on modern romance explores how people have based their decisions and choices pertaining love on the online platform and indulged so much on online dating shunning the traditional forms. Besides an article by the Australian research Centre on sex, health and society Cleary explores how the young people have used online sites to negotiate love and sex relationships. In the New York Times magazine, Petersen explains her story of meeting with a fellow student on campus through an online dating site. The paper will discuss nuance clear picture of primary sources of peoples experiences and the impact of online dating among the people today.

In Petersens story in modern love she nuances a clear picture of online dating through her own experience where she met a partner through the online dating site where women had to make the first move in the whole affair. The place had the rules of the game which were supposed to be followed in order not to break the newly found relationship. As she met with the guy whom they were on the same campus with they had a deadline for the end of the link (New York time p 6). Because both were graduating in a few months and everyone would go his/ her way the deadline for the relationship was, of course, the end of studies which would be climaxed by the graduation. The arrangement of the link was a scheduled meeting which the two would be meeting once every week, and it was designed to be on a Monday. Petersen became the first to break the rules of the game because after meeting Michael she fell in love contrary to the standards set for the game.

About Petersens story, Ansari explores how the young people and the rest of the world have turned to online sites and social media in search of love and romances. Ansari looks at the online site as reformed and the attitude that was associated with the belief that those who resorted to social media in search of love were desperate and perhaps could not find soul mates through the traditional forms. He argues that online dating is trending land some people have even seen spouses through the platform. It is through the online dating sites that Petersen found Michael though they were not meant to fall in love with each other she broke the rules. It depicts how the online dating can work by uniting two strangers together who can in turn fall in love. He says 74 percent of the people started as total strangers, meaning had it not been for online dating, they would never have met (Ansari p 13)Ansari examines it as the norm in the contemporary society. However, the primary challenge with the online dating site is that women get more attention than men and upon looking at their inboxes they are overwhelmed by messages that they cannot read them all. He says that some end being deleted while they are still unread. It is similar to Petersens case where she had 1.946 chats clogging her inbox.

Regarding the choices made and expectations on relationships Ansari argues that people have based their decisions pertaining relations much on social media. They always expect that they can still find better choices online and they keep shopping around for opinions.

The Australian research center in sex, health, and society critiques the lives of young people who have used the online platforms to negotiate for sex/relationships, initiate, maintain and break bonds. The article argues that young people have based the romance and love life on the social platform. It correlates with Petersens situation where she finds love online on a dating site. Although she is not supposed to fall in love she finds herself in love with imply that people can start and maintain relationships in online platforms. The article insinuates that people are social beings and given a chance they can interact and make romantic links out of them.

From the discussions based on Petersens story, modern romance by Ansari and The Australian research center in sex, health, and society, it is evident that online dating is trending and people are shifting from the traditional dating methods. The three articles give a standard description of social media and online dating sites. The reports argue that modern love has been based on online platforms and they are working for those who participate in them. It is evident in Petersens story that people can find love online and make decisions on whether to establish long-term commitment or maintain it at dating for short periods. The dating sites that people join help them to find love as explained: research suggests that young people make use of new media technologies to irt with one another, to initiate new relationships, to maintain their relationships, and to ght and end their relationships. (Australian research p.1) Besides, people have shifted from the notion that those who search for romance and love online could be desperate and could not find love through the traditional means. The two articles justify Petersens course of looking for love online where she joined the site as a game but ended up falling in love with Michael contrary to the rules of the game where she was not supposed to make so many demands. She says By asking for more, I knew I was breaking the rules. Dating apps allow you to set obvious parameters: age range, distance radius and so on (New York time p.2)Works cited

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