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There is a common theme in all the stories, the common theme is a journey of life. The journey of life in any human being is associated with choices, chances, death, and also consequences of the actions taken. The main reason of this paper is to analyze the theme of the journey of life in response to the stories and poems.

Metaphor poem. She is faced with conflict and confusion in her journey of life in the duty of becoming a mother which is seen in her short poem. She compares herself to an elephant, a ponderous house (line 2). She uses those metaphors in mocking her condition of becoming pregnant. She sees as becoming pregnant was going to stop her from building a career in literature works.

The Yellow Wallpaper. The story mainly focuses on women and their place in the society. The theme of the journey in life is evident when there is division according to society and class. The narrator is wealthy enough to go for a summer and have servants who can cater for their needs (Gilman 13).

The road not taken. The road that the speaker is walking on is splitting in two directions and thats where the theme of the journey of life comes in because he has to choose and decide the way to go. Robert stated that the path is not about the woods it represents a decision to take in life (line 4). He tries to think the better way but all paths are almost the same.

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The speaker is faced by his consequences of actions when he refuses to act on his dreams because he considers himself inferior. Eliot states that the speaker has desires and dreams but he doesn't want to do anything because he sees himself as a failed person (line 20). This is a journey of life where people pay for their consequences in action.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death. In the journey of life, it will come to a point where a person will have to die. The speaker is not scared of death and seem to accept it (para 3). The whole poem is about the attitude of the speaker toward her death.

Bartleby, the Scrivener. Being isolated it is a part of life though it doesn't happen to many people, but some they spend their life alone; no friends and no family.as noted by Melville Bartleby lives alone in his place and thats where he works and sleeps, and he has no friends(15). He has no friends and the only people who surround him are his coworkers.

Comic Book Version of The Love Song. Love is experienced by each and every person in their life journey. Julian states that someone at one time falls in love with the person you like talking to and sometimes you became too shy to tell them (pic 45)


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