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The reason behind choosing this category lies behind the interesting supposition held by the Shinto that human experiences bring tribulations upon people even though some quarters believe that the consequences of our actions bring about suffering. Therefore, exploring human nature gives an insight on whether the Shinto can adequately justify that since persons are not born with iniquities, it is encounters with the natural realm that results into miseres. In the study of religion, the need to figure out the connection between people and a more flawless Supernatural Being underpin the belief in human nature. Every religion virtually agrees that there is some more dignified Existence than man and thus imposing limits on the race (AUC, 2007).

Among the indigenous people, the importance of human nature is strengthened by the belief that man is related to all life forms because of his pantheistic universe view. Vindictive and benign forces affect events and circumstances in the natural surrounding and that evil spirits and vows make men capable of committing rights and wrongs (Fisher, 2014). Hinduism creates the sense that birth, death and reincarnations constitute key elements of the natural realm, with Jainism acknowledging the existence of souls although human form is responsible for liberation. Death signifies rebirth in a different physical appearance, whereby, sinful acts bring anguish upon men in hell while good people meet one another in paradise (Melton, 1996). Buddhism holds that individual effort is responsible for liberating people from tribulations by being truthful about human nature, whereby, life entails stress, discontentment and misery. Daoism seem to confess that man can swerve from the universes creation tempo, with this deviation cause destruction on the surrounding. Therefore, human nature fortifies its importance in the fact that a structured society is the product of good deeds, and nature that dictate the way people live (Melton, 1996).

In my life, the belief that every action has an equal reaction underpins the essence of human nature. For instance, if someone robs me off a valuable possession, I will be compelled to track him down, and eventually make sure that he is imprisoned. In extreme cases, the robber may force me to kill him, in self-defense, if he uses excessive force to steal from me. These two reactions are the consequences of his acts to violently take my belongings. These penalties will definitely make the robber suffer and thus underpropping the view that human woes and distresses are instigated by the wrongdoings committed to one another.

The perspective of human nature by the Shinto is that man loses his original virtuousness right after being born. People are born in purity but encounters with other humans pollute them. They hold these experiences with the natural realm accountable for all the anguish that people face in their everyday lives. Therefore, to keep their relationship with Kami, who is their Supernatural Being, Shinto recognize the need for regular purification. Therefore, they hold rituals where entertainment and offerings are presented to Kami to soften his stance of punishing the Shintos wrongdoings. Failure to hold these purification rituals would signify that they have allowed Kami to express his anger on them through bringing tribulations upon them. Cleansing their sins maintains natural existentiality among the Shinto. Consequently, the Shinto recognize altars and shrines as sacred grounds that signify the manifestation of Kami and thus they treat these places with much reverence.



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