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God has three divine persons that are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit according to the Christian doctrine of Trinity. The Holy Spirit in the Trinity is the third person. The Holy Spirit seems distant to many Christians as it lacks a body and personal but dwells in every believer as a companion of their faith. The Holy Spirit describes the attributes of God that He is free from any sin or darkness and spotless. The Holy Spirit shares the Strengths of God the Father and Jesus as being omnipotence, omniscience and eternal. The Holy Spirit powers its powers on Gods followers throughout the Bible. The Holy Spirit is the eternal love that exists between the Son and the Father. The scripture shows the role of each member of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit plays the role of manifesting the presence of God across the world and mostly in the church. Through its manifestation, it shows the powers and purpose of God in the world and peoples lives. Holy Spirit applies the purpose as the active person of God. For example, during the act of creation, God creates through sending His Spirit (Genesis 1:2).The Holy Spirit plays the role of comforting his people when they are hurt. The Spirit helps people to be able to share their faith with others through helping them remember what they have learned about God. The Spirit acts as a counselor of in the daily lives of the people. He guides the people through the conviction of sin and helps people to stop committing acts of sin. Through this people are in a position of getting rid of the things that do not please God. The spirit helps the human beings to be aware of sin in their lives and live a holy life (John 16).The Holy Spirit intercedes for individuals during prayers. Through the Holy Spirit, people can get joy, peace, patience, love, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. He performs the act of regeneration as the Spirit changes people from the inside out. He brings the gift of faith that enables individuals to believe in the ability to resurrect after death. The Holy Spirit is a seal towards establishing people as the children of God. The spirit is the foundation of the entire experience and understanding of the life of the believers in Christ and the central aspect of the gospel of Paul.

In the New Testament salvation is considered to be the work of the Trinity. The language of the Trinity is used in describing the essentials of salvation. The three top things that were deemed to be essential was the meritorious saving work of Jesus, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the will of God the Father for salvation. Salvation is the work of God since He works alone. Salvation is for the Lord, and it is the work of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. In whatever activity God employs the economy of the Godhead. For example, during the resurrection of Jesus, it is attributed to the Father (Acts2:24), the son and the spirit (Rom 1:4).The economy of the Godhead in salvation works concisely and sharpen the focus on the respective roles of each person in the work of salvation.

The Work of the Trinity in Salvation

The Father is the Orchestrator of salvation in the covenant according to Peter and Jude. God chose those He loved before the worlds foundation and set them apart to salvation through foreknowledge, sanctification, and election. He sanctifies His people the same way the Father sanctified the Son and sent Him into the world. The father sends redemption to His people. Jesus Christ redeems the group of people that are set apart in the covenant. The Father is the plays a role in salvation through sending the Son and the Spirit at the right time to bring His people as His sons. The Father deploys the covenant requirements for salvation (Eph 1.5).

In Salvation, the work of the Son is to redeem the people of God. After the Father has sent redemption to His people, the Son carries on the plan through securing redemption for everyone. The son accomplishes salvation through reconciliation. The Son obtained eternal redemption for the people after he had ascended back to the right hand of the Father (Heb 9:12).The Son acts as the purifier of individuals from their sins through sprinkling his blood the people are saved from their sins. He works as a soldier who guards the soul after being redeemed.

In salvation, the Spirit serves as the Divine resident of the soul. The spirit is sent to dwell in the soul of the same people that were redeemed by the son. The Holy Spirit promotes spiritual desires for God. It applies the blood of Christ to the soul of individuals and cleanses their hearts from sin. The work of the Spirit concerning salvation is regarded as vital sanctification whereby a person is washed and cleaned after being born again by the Holy Spirit. The spirit calls those individuals that have been elected and chosen by the Father. This doctrine has challenged me to understand that only those who accept the offer of Christ and whom he died for will be saved and born again by the Spirit. The spirit will only call some people despite the Son dying for everyone. It challenges me to believe in Him to receive the eternal life and live a life that has been redeemed by Him which is free from sin.

In conclusion, the Trinity doctrine lays down the basis of unconditional election, irresistible grace, redemption and preservation of the saints. God loved everyone and made salvation equally available to each at the cross. The spirit draws people to God through convicting them of sin, righteousness, and judgment. When one is full of the Holy Spirit, he or she desires to serve and love God.


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