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What was Jesus point in the teaching?

In this this portion of scripture Jesus figuratively uses an agricultural set up to explain the role and position of the father, the son and believers. In a metaphorical language, he refers to himself as a true vine. The role of the father who happens to be God is that of a farmer who takes time to plant the vine. In this text, Jesus takes time to teach about the importance of relationship. The way He is connected to the father and the way the believers ought to connect with Jesus (Oxford bible church, 2017). The unity that exists in the trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) as exemplified in verse one is something to be emulated by all believers in Jesus. There was need for believers to bond with Jesus as it is between Jesus and the father.

Believers after receiving Jesus in their lives they are connected to Him in new birth. This shows that the life of Jesus is directly transmitted into the believer. This makes the believer to be spiritually productive and sound in character. The fruits that Jesus is talking about refer to the character of the believer who is in Christ (Oxford bible church, 2017). If believers abide in Christ then they bear much fruits but if they disconnect with Christ then they die and become irrelevant in the union.

What sort of relevance does this teaching have for other worldviews?

In this discourse, Jesus presents himself as the only true vine. This refers to the divine nature of Christ where he alone is dependable. Christians who believe in Jesus should appreciate that he is the only source of life to them that trust in him. In other worldviews, there is always a tendency of many people to lean and show commitment and loyalty to a deity. People who acknowledge the existence of a deity are called upon or required to be faithful to that deity (Bible gateway,n.d ) Therefore this teaching of Jesus is relevant to other worldviews because it holds the need of fidelity to a supernatural being. Jesus calls upon his followers to be loyal to him in order to be productive. Loyalty determines how close believers are to Christ in terms of relationship. If believers are loyal to Christ then they will be connected to him.

Another relevancy is the issue of success through relationship. Jesus emphasizes the importance of intimacy in any given relationship. He proposes that deep intimacy with him and the father together with believers will definitely bring success on the part of believers. Many religious views across the world suggest that the closeness of an individual to a supernatural being increases his/her chances to succeed in life (Bible gateway,n.d)Therefore this teaching of Jesus is also relevant to other worldviews as far as success is concerned.

What does this teaching reveal about Jesus?

This teaching reveals that Jesus is indispensable when it comes to Christian life and victory. All Christians are called upon to believe in him because eternal life flows through him and without him there is no life. He precisely declares that He is the true vine planted by the father (Henry,n.d). This shows that the father has confidence and trust in Jesus to deliver salvation to humanity. There can never be significant increase in Christian life without proper connection to Christ.

The other thing that is revealed about Jesus in this text is the originality of Christ as opposed to the counterfeit religious personalities that are full of deception. Jesus proves that everything about him is true. The basis of his ministry is truth and that is why he calls on his followers to abide in him. His respect also to the father is paramount in this text. Christ really honors his heavenly father and he also requires all believers to do so.

Identify at least one claim that Jesus made about his nature and/or the purpose of his ministry (such as in Matthew 9:1-8; Matt 9:9-13; Luke 7:18-23; John 5:16-18; John 10:25-38; or John 14:5-11). Underline the passage chosen. What is the significance of this claim?

In this text, Jesus draws the attention of his disciples to his divine nature. Though born as a normal human being Jesus makes explicit his oneness with the father. The father who is God is not a human being yet Jesus goes ahead to declare that he and the father are one. They cannot be distinguished. There is no difference between Jesus and God. Christ claims to be in the father at the same time the father is in the son. This union is very unique because it presents Christ who had two natures one that could connect with God in entirety and the other nature is human. If one receives Christ it is obvious that he/she has received God himself (Nelson, 1982). What Jesus does it is absolutely the will of his father in heaven. Christ functions in the authority of the father and therefore there is need to believe him.

The significance of this teaching is that Christ is of the same essence with the father. They exist as different personalities yet they are one in operation and manifestation. This simply means Christ is God and he functions as a divine being (Henry,n.d). Therefore Christ has the power and authority to function or do everything the father does. He can forgive sin and save humanity.

How would you personally answer Jesus question, But who do you say that I am? (Mark 8:29 ESV). Describe your own beliefs about Jesus.

The coming of the messiah was critical to the whole world which was estranged from God. Christs position as the messiah is unquestionable especially to Christians and all who believe in Him. According to this portion of scripture, Christ wanted to know if people understood his messianic office apart from being a son of Joseph by virtue of birth. It is therefore evident that Christ was and is still the anointed one of God. He preexisted with the father and he came to the world in bodily form for a divine assignment and mission.

Christ was sent by God for a specific duty here on earth. He was to save humanity from sin and damnation. The power and authority that he possesses is meant to liberate the captives from demonic dungeon. Therefore it is undisputable that he was the son of God anointed to save humanity.


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