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People believe in something or someone with a higher power. There are different religions with followers all over the globe. They are monotheism and believe in one God who is the controller of everything. These religions have something in common, but they are also different. These differences make the beliefs unique and extraordinary. Christianity is widespread with more than two billion followers. It establishes its base on life teachings, death, and resurrection of Christ. Christians believe in the bible and the teachings in the holy book. It governs the way of living and the moral values of the individuals. The God chosen people believe in the Holy Trinity that is God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Christianity is one example of monotheism governed by the Ten Commandments. Christians gather in churches to worship and evangelize the gospel of Christ.

Religion is the strongest force in the society with different beliefs and texts. Christians believe in salvation, and they trust that Jesus Christ died for the salvation of the sinners. It is important to repent every day and confess one's sins to gain forgiveness from God. The blood of Jesus washed away people's sins. The religion existed long before the bath of Jesus Christ. At Mount Sinai, Mose received the Ten Commandments. Later on people, Jesus accepted the commandments and preached on the same. He was born of a Virgin Mary and came to save and the change the world. Jesus is the son of the Lord Almighty. He was crucified and now sits at the right hand of God. The Bible tells us that he will come like a thief and people will be unaware of his arrival. Christianity values forgiveness and repentance. It is through forgiveness that one will be able to enter into the kingdom.

There was a great change in the Christians history when Jesus Christ was born. The teachings revolved around the love for one another. He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. Evangelism in Christianity is of value. They believe that the gospel should spread to different parts of the world. Earth needs to understand that there is salvation. The Bible is the central text that governs Christians. It contains the old and new testaments. The Old Testament follows the teachings that existed during creation and contains thirty-nine books. The New Testament talks about the life of Jesus Christ from birth, death to resurrection. Christianity represents the religious freedom. People express their convictions without limits.

Christians struggle to reconcile religious uniformity and individual religious freedom. They say that it is a calling to be born again through baptism. Members of the church are bound together with ties and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Also, they favor the idea of civic order and the common good. In light of this, they submit to the government by paying taxes. According to Paul believers should give Caesar what belongs to him.

Prophetic teachings form the basis of their beliefs. They guide them through life and talks of the laws of Christianity. The laws of Christ are written on people's hearts after forming the new covenant. The agreement allowed the believers to present their grievances to the Lord through prayers. It is one way to speak to the Lord without intermediaries. Previously, the priests were the only ones able to talk to the Almighty, but this came to change after the new covenant. The traditions emphasized on the understanding of dignity as a basis of freedom and truth. There are different denominations of Christianity. There are Anglicans, Catholics, and Seventh Day Adventists but they all believe in God.

The denominations have common elements such as prayers, scriptures, and rites. The worship services include a sermon, prayers, and singing. There are special rituals to complete the ordination of an individual in a church. Believers receive baptism either as infants or as adults depending on the preference of the church norms. The church elects leaders to control the activities. Christian practices help people to understand the religion and the historical background. They represent the way of life of the believers and the future that they hope to achieve. Their beliefs give them a sense of belonging and ensure that they treasure their origin.

Religious practices address the needs of the Christians and what they hope to achieve. They give them the faith to continue believing and living as children of God. Christianity influences the daily lives of an individual. The norms guide people to live according to them and the word of God. The moral beliefs prevent one from engaging in crime and immoral activities. Failing to follow the set commandments is a sin. Some consequences arise as a result of sinning. It is, therefore, essential to pray and ask God for forgiveness to renew your whole being.

Material things are not important. They are earthly treasures that may hinder you from entering the gate of heaven. Christians believe that investing in spiritual life will grant one access to heaven. This assignment reveals to me the need to be consistent in Christianity and follow the religion and the teachings. The class, in general, presented an insight into the practices and the beliefs of the faith. I learnt the history of different denominations, and I can now relate it to real life. God's grace is upon us, and we should aim at dedicating our lives to him the creator of heaven and earth.


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