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Krishna is a god in Hindu, and he is the most popular among the heroes that are in the Hindu mythology. His heroic tales mainly involve in his adventures with Pandava a princes. His accomplishment is described through the stories of his eventful youth; he used weapons skills to defeat enemies, monsters, and the demons. Krishna is believed to have been born in a supernatural way when Vishnu a great god pulled his hairs out of his hand and planted them in the womb of Devaki who was a princess. He was brought up in a small village and that where he spent his idyllic childhood. He was involved in many escapades when he was a youth, and such things are defeating Putana an ogress, Danava a giant bull, and the king of Hayas. Also, he killed many demons Pralamba where he used his fists, Naraka who had captured 16000 women, and the sea-demon. Lastly, in his other adventures, he was able to build a fortress which was great in Dvaraka. Krishna was killed accidentally by a hunter's arrow which stroked his heel.

The significance of Krishna heroism in the Hindu culture.

Worship and art representation. Krishna started to be worshipped and still in the present he is worshipped as a supreme Hindu god by many believers. ..Many festivals are held to honor him an example is the Krishna Janmashtami which involves fasting and offering in his honor (Varma 8). He is also portrayed in Hindu artwork with dark skin. He carries the cakra discus which had been given to him by Agni. In his clothing's he has worn a yellow robe, peacock feather in his hair, and playing flute. He is often accompanied by cows since he used to be a cowherd when he was a youth.

Historical examples of Krishna heroic figure

Durga and Thor. These two gods can be described as gods of war and protection in their community where they are believed. Douglas, Duncan notes that " Thor was the strongest of all the gods and men he had a hummer that he used to defeat all his enemies" (35). On the other side, Durga myths revolve where she is combating evils and forces of the devil that threaten the peace of the people. They can all be described as gods who were against wrongdoings, violence, and destruction to empower creators.

In their differences is that god Durga is still worshipped by many believers in Hinduism. She is worshipped in Hindu as a goddess who bring peace in the hearts of many who believe in her (Singh 12). Thor is no longer worshipped in Norse where he is believed to have come rather he remains a tale told by many. Another difference is that they all come from different cultural groups and also a great difference is where one is a god and the other is a goddess.

Human cravings for the superhuman figures

Humans from different places with different cultures and religion have their own stories on matters relating to superhuman figures. They tend to have a myth to be able to describe an origin of a certain culture among themselves. Also, they use these stories to be able to maintain their culture from generation to another generation.

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