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Socially, it is researched and determined that one's social status changes following the audience and the people he or she interacts with most. His or her identity tends to change following the audience that he will be identifying himself with most. A case where one is promoted, for instance, the person will change fully concerning identity and personality, cultural relativity and socialization. Regarding identity, one will have to start acting like the people of a higher rank where he or she is promoted to. The people he or she used to hang out before the promotion will be viewed as under him. Thus it will be hard to hang around with them. The promoted person will also have to work on his or her cultural relativity as he will be forced to emulated and act like those in the position where he or she is promoted to. He will have to pretend or struggle to act like the people on the top level even though he or she doesn't like it. Cultural relativity will also have to do with his or her personality change. Promotion normally comes with pride, change in behavior, interaction with others and sociability. As seen before, the person tends to uphold himself as he has to look like the people in the level of the promoted position. Upholding oneself changes one's behavior, believes, norms and acts thus changing his entire personality.

It is therefore just to conclude from the above study that a person's social interaction, for instance, his identity and personality changes depending on the agents of socialization. Factors like promotion which lifts a person's pride are among the factors that influence a person's sociability and interaction.


There are various people in a society being defined by their culture. A peoples' culture is a way with which the people live and act through their entire life. There are various ways with which a person's culture is shaped; this includes a peoples' believes, morals, norms, language and even behavior. From all the above forms of cultural believes and formations, my personal experience was shaped by how I used to believe before. While young and without a big social interaction and communication, there were a lot of numerous believes that I used to believe in various things about other cultures that after interacting with people from the cultures, I realized that those were just formed stereotypes and formed perceptions by other people. I used to believe that the black Americans, for instance, cannot do some things or participate in some activities. I could not believe that people from a black American culture cannot participate in playing tennis in a school team until I meet one. This form of experience brought a change in my way of thinking and believe. THis proves why interaction and socialization is crucial to all humans to explore and be able to know, experience and appreciate other peoples' cultures as well

It is a constitutional requirement that all social institution should be just to all kinds of people from various cultures regardless their races, tones, and beliefs. In a school environment, for example, it is required that both curriculum and co-curriculum activities are provided for to all the cultures. A person's behavior and social interaction are shaped following his or her growing up and the places he or she has gone or stayed. My previous behaviors and beliefs mentioned above were influenced by the place that I underwent a baby care to an academy whose environment was entirely for the white population, therefore, the experience was mainly about the white people, and we were not taught about other cultures. This, therefore, explains the cultural believes and stereotypes.

Growing up with people from various cultures and learning together, I can emulate their cultures and act like them enhancing me to learn more about their culture. Experiences are gained better when one tries to fit in in a given culture or society. Cultural relativism is a way with which one might get interested to know a peoples' way of life thus tries to act like them to experience and know better about them. Cultural relativism affected me in a way when one of my team mates in school was a black American and thus I got interested to know more about their culture. I, therefore, started acting like him including the way he talks and walks. This affected my experience since my beliefs about this culture changed, and I started viewing them differently.

Building identity and socialization

There are various means with which socialization is enhanced in a person's livelihood. There are major urgent of socialization, for example, the peers we meet at school, the mass media and family contributes majorly on how one builds the social identity. With today's world, technology has taken over with social media as the main platform with which people meet and improve their social status. The main agents of socialization that truly changed my identity are both the social media and my school peers. Mostly, I try to fit into their environment thus my identity changes and become oriented towards their identity.

During this period, I had to adjust most of my forms of presentation, for example, dressing on weekends, activities and language behaviors as well as general characters for me to get in line with my pees from school and to fit in the current situation of social media. During this experience, there was no any conflict as most we had common interests with my friends thus most things that enticed them, enticed me too.

Presentation to self

At times, we try to view ourselves differently and look at our lives from another view. This brings in the concept of dramaturgy of social interaction and personality growth. During this process of fitting in in my peers crew, I had to change my personality and some of the things that I like. My way of thinking also changed, and I started viewing things and imagining things including my friends in my thoughts and imaginations as well. Even though some efforts were put in place, I did not change a lot for my identity in order to fit. I had to adjust just a few of my behaviors and social status to come up with few behaviors that my peers could not find weird. There is one time I had to stop eating a lot of fries because my friends did not like fries that much. I, therefore, had to put some efforts in this to entice them and do what they liked.

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