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The purpose of this paper is to present a comparison of Fletcher Henderson's "don't be that way" and Benny Goodman's "don't be that way." In both of the songs, the central aspect that was addressed is the growth of oriented-jazz with large orchestras dances, where it traced the music style development and the exploration of the economic as well as the social context of the national dance craze in the Swing Era.

In the song of Fletcher Hendersons dont be that way song, he used both head and written arrangements. Fletcher Henderson had an excellent stabilized mechanism with his brothers Redman, Carter, and Horace, where most of Fletcher Hendersons song dont be that way composed of head arrangements of older tunes like Sugar Foot Stomp that was deprived of Jelly Roll Mortons King Porter Stomp and Dippermouth Blues. On the other hand, Benny Goodmans song does not be like, and he used the art of depression which was bounded by two events of Swing. The swing was like other popular forms of culture that were acted as a counterstatement concerning the deep anxiety that was inflicted by the Depression. Both Fletcher Henderson and Benny Goodman used different composition in their same song dont be that way to bring out the difference of Swing dance that was a characteristic of a four-beat foundation that was preferred for dancing.

Fletcher Henderson used a piano in composing his song dont be that way where he also incorporated both head and written arrangements. Benny Goodman used musical instruments such as trumpets which were played by Ziggy Elman, the piano that was performed by Teddy Wilson and Jess Stacey, the drummer that was played by Gene Krupa. Benny Goodmans in his song dont be that way, and he sounded with great passion together with his big band sound that impulses a great generation that was ready to shrug off the depression and dance. Fletcher Hendersons in his song do not be like was ensemble a two-note figure of opening melody that had the sound effect to the respective solos of the dancers.

Fletcher Henderson wanted to become a chemist after graduating from college in 1920. Racism which limited Fletcher Henderson from becoming a chemist, Fletcher Henderson saw that musical world was more welcoming during that time compared to becoming a chemist. Fletcher Henderson began to demonstrate his songs for a company that was publishing music. Fletcher Henderson moved to Black Swan Records in 1921 where he became the session pianist. Benny Goodman was known to be one of the American history acclaimed clarinetist. Born in Chicago, Illinois on 30th May 1909, Benny Goodman came from a large Jewish family that was poor. He studied music at the then famous Hull House that was a settlement house which offered services to the poor members of the society. Benny Goodman in his twelve, where he appeared onstage in a talent contest, Benny Goodman imitated the favorite Ted Lewis.

The primary connection in both songs do not be like between Benny Goodman and Fletcher Henderson, was that they were trying to bridge the commercial world of music and jazz and also, they were hiring black arrangers who many were out of work due to depression. Benny Goodman and Fletcher Henderson in their both songs do not be like, and they were trying to bring the connection between current pop songs and applied band jazz arrangements. Benny Goodman and Fletcher Henderson in their both songs do not be like bringing out the relationship of Jitterbugs which was known as the black dance that teenagers adopted and Jive which was slang.

Summarily, I tend to have good concentration when I listen to this song regardless of the artist. Fletchers version sounds better since its tempo and the rhythmic sound is well put. The Swing era was characterized by the various bands that produced such songs and truly dont be that way is one outstanding song of that time.

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