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Jack is, without doubt, the calmest and intelligent student in my class. He is a very handsome and charming young man who often attracts the attention of the other gender. He is taller than me and has deep chestnut brown eyes and straight brown hair. Just like other teenagers, Jack likes dressing in the most extravagant and latest fashion and most notably he pays a lot of attention to his appearance. He wears black most of the time with black converse that is his signature dressing code. I dont think I have ever seen him in an official trouser or a blazer.

By nature, Jack is an outgoing and communicative person. Moreover, he is a friendly student who often gets along with classmates and helps his classmates whenever they need his help. He enters the classroom smiling walking slowly and with a skateboard on his right arm. As friendly as the jack is, he greets a few of his classmates while smiling and looking relaxed. His body posture portrays an energetic person whose seems as if the vibrancy he possesses is waiting to explode. After sharing light moments with some of his friends, he raises his masculine arm which looked like a footballers arm and points on some writings on the wall and suddenly a group of students who were around him bust out of laughter. Though I never heard what he said, it is no doubt that he is a charming child with an innocent but a deceiving laughter which is hard to evaluate whether it is a genuine or a fake laughter. Although Jack is a communicative person, he is reticent at times. After having some light moments with his friends, he excuses himself from them and moves to the far right corner of the classroom just to have a personal time. After, approximately two minutes Jack removes an old, slightly warped black novel from his classy Gucci bag and he begins reading the novel with his head tucked between his hands. The cover page of the novel is rusty, and its pages are brown and seem like they have tasted older days. Either way, Jack slowly peruses through the novel page by page with no hurry. However, after a few minutes, his best friend Damian enters the class, and Jack is visibly happy with his arrival, his face shines with joy as he hurries towards his friend and this time showing his full, well-aligned white teeth. Jack is not a football player. However, he has a streamlined and well curved athletic body. He carries himself with confidence, and he is always confident around his male friends. But I noticed a change in the body posture whenever he was around his female friends. He looks uncomfortable and behaves certain of awkward.

In class, Jack is a very active student, and he often completes his class assignments in time. Most of the time I see him walking in the hallways smiling and cracking jokes with his friends. He is an excellent singer who can sing nearly all genres of songs except the Hip Hop. After classes, Jack likes to spend time with other music students in the school music hall. His behavior in and out of class is quite similar since is an ever charming child. With his signature laughter and slow and gentle voice, I can always feel Jack from blocks away. Jacks characteristic expressions and gestures are his wide smile and charismatic walking style.

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