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The education system is valued more by the modern society. However, with college education not extended to in the national free education system, most colleges tuition fee is too expensive for many individuals to afford. Therefore, the students resort to borrowing loans so as to attend the colleges since not all can finance themselves or are qualified to benefit from the federal financial aid. The national student loan debt has risen over the years creating a national problem according to an article by Brooking Institute. To solve the problem, some solutions that need undertaking are: enforcing policies and strict limitation for the private student loans, broadening the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program initiated by the federal government, and initiating marked-based interest rates.

Chingos, M. & Akers, B. (2013, May. 10). Policymakers Get Serious About Student Loan Interest Rates. The Brookings Institution. Retrieved from reference to the article, I will show how the student loan problem is being tackled by the Congress. The proposals by the stakeholders in education sectors and the government are discussed in this article. The author also shows and go through the details of the loans and interest rates.

Default: the Student Loan Documentary. Dir. Aurora Meneghello. PBS, 2011. Film.

The documentary investigates some of the difficulties experienced by the student who took private loans. I intend to use this source to highlight the difference in the private loans and those provide by the government.

Frizell, Sam. (2014, Feb. 26). Student Loans Are Ruining Your Life. Now Theyre Ruining the Economy, Too. Time. Retrieved from article shows detailed student debts in the United States. By providing examples and data from research, the article shows how the amount of students loans borrowed has steeply shot upwards in the last decade or so. The article will be used to show the effect of the student loans as well as to support my thesis.

Gale, W., Harris, B., Renaud, B. & Rodihan, K. (2014, May). Student Loans Rising: An Overview of Causes, Consequences, and Policy Options. The Brookings Institution. Retrieved from the article, details of the rise of a share of households with student loans increased by 10% from 1989 to 2010. The effect of rising debts, impact on career choices, and how loan burden can affect decision later in life are articulated here. I will use this source to show how the loans affect students.

Javine, Victoria. Financial Knowledge and student loan college student. Financial Services Review Vol. 22 Issue 4 (Winter 2013): 367-387. University of Central Florida Libraries. Web. 17 March 2014.

In the article, Victoria (2014) surveys the amount of information the students have when it comes the loans. Though the study has a proportional sample size, I will use this source to show how there is an increased knowledge of student loans that are related to increases in the loan debt.

Susan, Meisenhelder. Do the Math: Free Public Education Should Be Considered.

I will use the article to explain how the students and the government stand to benefit from the free higher education system. In the article, Meisenhelder argues that the $179 billion spent on the student loans and financial aid annually should be redirected into the higher education system, saving the government money and giving the students free higher education.

Zhang, Lei. Effects of college educational debt on graduate school attendance and early career and lifestyle choices. Education Economics Vol. 21 Issue 2 (May 2013): 15 University of Central Florida Libraries. Web. 17 March 2014.

A survey by the author shows the link between the debt and enrollment in graduate endeavors. The author finds no direct impact by the loan debts on economic opportunities. I intend to use this article show that there is no correlation between the loan debts and future decisions by the students.


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