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According to the article, youths that are connected to learning institutions are less likely to be depressed hence the need for tutors to help learners feel connected to the school and encourage them to get involved in extracurricular activities. A sustainable connection to school with care provide invaluable support to those that may be struggling emotionally and prevent suicide. At the same time, those who can cope with issues healthily and solve them peacefully are less likely to engage in suicide and bullying-related actions.  In this case, therefore, it is useful to teach children life skills and focus on the positive and empowering messages that enhance their resilience and acceptance of the variations among themselves. Similarly, these life skills are expected to increase their social skills and increase the social knowledge and empathy to foster positive mental health.

The article indicates that children with disabilities, gender identity differences and cultural differences are more prone to bullying in schools as compared to those without disabilities and have no gender identity issues. In this case, it is fundamental to provide quality teaching to the tutors to intervene in bullying situations and have the knowledge that risk factors are not the same as victim blaming. Those subjected to frequent bullying need to be given emotional support.

In a nutshell, the article has provided a lot of concern on the ongoing issue of bullying and suicide among children. There has been too much of media coverage on blame and criminal initiatives to control the problem, but there still lacks sufficient initiatives that are evidence-based and action-oriented in schools and local communities. There is a need to develop awareness of the critical issues related to bullying and suicide to prevent the youth from further harm.



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2014). The relationship between bullying and suicide: What we know and what it means for schools. Available on the Internet: http://www.



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