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The forms of supervision that take place in my setting are clinical and professional supervision. As a case manager at Health and Human Services for the Hurricane Harvey Evacuees, I am entitled to a regular supervision which is in line with the clinical social work standards. It incorporates teaching the skills, attitudes, and knowledge which are essential for carrying out clinical tasks (Supporting information, 2013). As such, clinical supervision incorporates reviewing and reflecting on ones practice, discussion of individual clinical cases in depth, and modifying ones practice. Moreover, it helps in identification of the relevant training and development needs which are vital in a clinical setting.

The professional supervision is done together with the clinical supervision as there are no significant differences between the two. It helps one to identify and review professional standards as well as getting an update on the professional development. Additionally, it guides on the identification of professional training and development needs besides ensuring operating within the professional requirements and boundaries (Supporting information, 2013). The forms of supervision are made possible by applying Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory to leadership. LMX theory recognizes leadership as a process involving interactions between the followers and leaders. The theory emphasizes on quality exchanges between the leaders and followers which should be directed towards improving performance (Northouse, 2015). In my case, I am supervised by a leader in the clinical social work department who ensures a weekly review of my performance. As a result, my performance improves as I implement my supervisors guidance and directions.

I receive supervision once in every week where I meet with my supervisor, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and discuss on my performance. The performance evaluation includes an assessment of the extent to which I have extended health and human services in the evacuation process. Also, it involves discussing the barriers and challenges which are evident when one is taking the managerial role in the provision of human and health services. In this case, the discussion involves checking on the different types of challenges which include technical challenges which are directly related to my place of work. Technical challenges are the issues which occur in a community or working location which is defined together with the solutions to be implemented (Northouse, 2015). For instance, in the Hurricane Harvey Evacuees where I work as a case manager identified the problems that were faced by the community after the Hurricanes and decided to offer support. The support involves offering shelter as well as providing human and health services.

An effective supervision in a clinical setting requires consistency where it should be done on a regular basis preferably once per week. It also involves the provision of possible solutions to the issues which tend to be challenging when it comes to implementation (Supporting Information, 2013). I receive a one-to-one clinical supervision- done by the Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As such, there is close contact with my supervisor which makes it more efficient regarding performance evaluation. Equally, it makes it possible to discuss the challenges which I encounter therefore getting immediate solutions. In this case, my supervisors apply adaptive leadership, which explains how leaders assist other people in doing the work they are required to do by providing means of adapting to the challenges (Northouse, 2015). In this light, adaptive leadership is concerned with the change in the way people do things as they try to adapt to new issues or circumstances. From the above, I can comfortably term my supervision as an effective one as it incorporates direct supervision together with a quality supervisory relationship.


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