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In this system, the patient can submit a medical condition online, by description. In case of lab, a patient is advised to go to a nearby clinic and the results are submitted to the system. This avoids the problem of trooping to hospitals. The system broadens the perspective of insurers and pharmaceutical companies as well as the hospital because it allows greater utility of technology before inpatient. The system is only designed to help people stay health as much as they can because it eliminates the need to frequent hospitals. Researchers have come to conclusion that most patient avoid visiting the hospital because of phobia, hence the apathy has become the major cause of long-term illnesses. Although the government has previously regulated the use of such system, and in fact encouraged doctor eye contact, the incoming system is accurate in all its measures.  The system purpose and scope as depicted below best explains its efficiency based on the agreements that the group has resulted with client representatives.

1.2 Purpose

The purpose of the system is to provide lasting solutions to the hospital in relation to protection of patient data. The hospital current stores patient data in file systems such Access and Excel, however, these systems are vulnerable given the file has to be duplicated to another computer and being edited from there. As such, the client wants a wants a systems that only authorized users access the file for modification. Accessibility depends on how the user relates to the system, as well the essence of logging and authorization.

1.3 ScopeIn achieving the purpose, the scope scouts each implementation milestone. The scope is part of project planning that surrounds determining and documenting what the project will do. As such, there are goals, objectives, tasks, costs, deadlines and deliverables as below.

Achievement Description

1.3.1 GoalCreating a product that is easily usable and easily achieves the objectives

1.3.2 ObjectivesDetermining the best feasible way to achieve the goal

Designing a system that meets IBM Enterprise Architecture requirements

Developing a creative team that helps in product delivery

Assigning activities to team members who well experienced, knowledgeable and committed towards achieving the system

1.3.3 TasksDeveloping the project timeline

Determining the human resources

Determining whether the funding meets the goal of the team

Exploring whether the teams are corresponding with the team requirements

1.3.4 CostsPlacing a cost that is workable, justifiable and realistic, this will be negotiated between the project team and customer

1.3.5 DeadlineAs determined by the customer

1.4 Notes for Purpose and ScopeProject plan decimate how the project will be carried out. The system design involves a collective mapping of the functionality of the system. Under the employee stakeholder category, there are departments such as programming, software development and database configuration. Each department receives assignments of various tasks from the Research and Development; these tasks meets the demand of the project implementation committee. For example, there are departments, which do the planning and those that do the execution. In planning, the executive council consults the hospital RD to determine whether the hospital is eligible for patient records management plan. As such, the executive board oversees the work break down. The executive board further supervises the work-breakdown that in this case is part of the system development and project planning and implementation. The work-breakdown below added to the project plan maps out the roles and activities of each stakeholder. As well, the project implementation-committee best understand who in-charge of which specific resources is.

2. Requirements:

The project implementation team is in charge in determining the all-necessary system requirements. Each of these requirements was tested through discussions, logistical regressions, and examples provided on the IBM website from the teams report, the following requirements were testable and based as follows

Tables showing system performance

Table SEQ Table \* ARABIC 1: Software Category System DesignRequirementsDesign Functionality Safety Requirements Performance Requirement

2.1 Data ManagementMeets IBM expectations of Database design. The proposed system is Oracle 11g Full functionality, where the system will be on 24/7 36/5. The hardware placement should versatile, where there are more than 1 data server The system security shall be provided by Oracle 11g

Logs and auto-logs, as well super admin rights of adding, and deleting users Versatile involving meeting the system requirements.

Database system corresponds with the system design, in relation to data query

2.2 Integration The system shall be easily integrated to the existing hospital management.

The system shall copy the existing data from .xls, .csv, .txt, and accdb The system should be easily usable by users

The system allocates rights to at least three levels of administrators

The system has several components that seek to store and retrieve patient information. The system shall security shall advance the requirement by the clientele, in that retrieving and modification of files will be authorized The system shall not coerce users into accepting a system they do not understand

The system shall be supported by a supplier support who is also limited in the information he can access

2.3 TrackingThe system design is easily usable, tabs and icons are easily navigable hence promoting a high Graphic User Experience

Also, the system shall design an App version for patients and doctors The system navigation shall lead to relevant links The system shall have properly distinguished users, including patients, physicians (of all departments), and administrators (of all categories), as a measure to keep security optimal The system shall respect software engineering principles, which include components, plugins, and modules.

2.4 EligibilityThe system shall have a convincing design, where there are no broken links, dead ends or inactive plugins, components and modules The system shall function according to the expected requirements, data handling The system shall have security that is well manageable by the assigned security administrator, but one who cannot view activities of other logs The system shall corresponds to the organization goal of data handling and manageable

3.0 Constraints:

3.1 System Overview The system maximizes communication, integrity and data management of each department that the system handles. Given that employee are the most involving stakeholders, the client work w...

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