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At the beginning of every practice or game session, it is important to be aware of the physical aspects of the match. Therefore, it is important for you as the player to begin each session while wearing the full wrestling gear. At this stage, think of the relevant physical elements of the fight. While standing on the wrestling ground, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. One should take systematic slow deep breaths. It is important to concentrate on the immediate situation and not to allow the mind to wander. With eyes closed, relax your muscles and think of the physical components of the game. Most importantly, focus on the wrestling gear on your body and whether they make you feel comfortable. More specially, pay attention how well your headgear, singlet, kneepads, and shoes fit. Pay close attention body balance by thinking about the contact between your feet and the floor. Now picture yourself above the floor and image the wrestling environment.

The Specifics of the Environment

For wrestlers, imagery is most effective when performed in the actual wrestling environment. As the player, it is advisable to be aware of all aspects in the wrestling arena. Therefore, take time to identify different objects in their respective positions so that they do not distract you during a match. First, think about the configuration and construction of the wrestling arena (MacNamara, Button, & Collins, 2010). Notably, pay close attention to whether the wrestling is in a ring or on the floor. Think of the circumference that you are likely to use most. Close your eyes and think of the contact between feet and the floor as well as the positions of the referee, judges, and mat chairperson.

The Type of Task

Try to imagine the exact details relevant to the activity of wrestling. Undoubtedly, wrestling requires high levels of concentrations to avoid attacks and pin down. At this stage, focus on the mental and physical activities that entail wrestling. More specifically, wrestling is a highly physical sport that encompasses grappling type tactics such as holds, pins, joint locks, throws, and takedowns. The primary task is to learn how to adapt body positions and movements that increase the chances of you dominating your partner.

The Timing of the Movement

Overall, wrestling is a sport that requires speed and swiftness. Think of how you can quickly and successfully attack your partner. Focus on the time required to initiate an offense or defense. Imagine your response after the referee authorizes a tackle. First, imagine yourself wrestling in real time and later engage in slow-motion imagery.

Learning the Content of the Movement

In wrestling, skills improve with time. It is imperative for the player to imagine different sing set of tactics as ones level of expertise increase. First, think of simple defense techniques that minimize the impacts of attack before proceeding to think of how to pin down your opponent. Focus on how to position your body, arms, and legs for strength and easy movement. Imagine taking small, short, and low steps towards your opponent. Finally, think of how to initiate attacks against your opponent.

The Emotion (Meaning To the Individual) Of the Movement

Like many sports, wrestling is a highly emotion-laden activity. Therefore, it is important to minimize fear and panic while maximizing levels of confidence (Cotterill, 2010). While standing on your wrestling position, close your eyes and relax your muscles. Initiate deep systematic breathing patterns while focusing on your body balance. Think of past wrestling encounters where you emerged victoriously. Pay attention to your strengths and how you will apply them against your opponent. Internally repeat power phrases such as I am a fierce wrestler.

The Perspective of the Person (Internal or External)

Given the scope and intensity of wrestling, an internal view is preferable than an external outlook. While keeping calm, use an internal perspective to assess your position and abilities. Pay attention to the inner forces that drive you. Think of symbols that represent energy, charge, and aggressiveness such as tigers or tornados.



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