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The Rio Olympic Games started on 5 August 2016 and ended 21 of the same month. The Rio 2016 was a big international multi-sport event with more than 1100 athletes attending the competition. The summer event had 205 national Olympics committees with three new participant countries. The South Sudan, refugee Olympic team, and Kosovo participated in the Rio 2016 thus making the event memorable. During the Rio 2016, there were 28 Olympic sports. In 2009, the Olympic committee added golf and rugby as part of the Olympic sports. As a result, there were 306 different kinds of medals to compete for during the event. In the host city, there were 33 venues for the Olympic sports. The Rio 2016 is memorable because it was the first Olympic game under the new president Thomas Bach. Besides, the Rio 2016 was historic even because Brazil was the first country in South American to host an Olympic games. Additionally, Brazil being Portuguese-speaking country became the first Nation to host the celebrated event (Liu, Broom, & Wilson, 2014). There were a number of controversies attached to the event, which includes instability of the government of the host country. There was evidence of safety and health crisis in the country. For example, during the event, there was a high level of pollutions in Guanabara Bay, doping scandals and the economic crisis in Brazil.


The theme for the Rio 2016 was protections of the environment to promote sustainable developments. The Rio 2016 had implications in various sectors of the economy of the host country. For example, the Olympic committee was determined to ensure that the country was suitable to host the prestigious event. The event had a positive and negative impact on the economy of the country. The preparation for the event was costly to the country because there was a massive construction of roads, expansions of athletic venues, renovations of the city and upgrading the infrastructures to accommodate the event. There was an intensive renovation of Rio sewerage systems to reduce the high levels of pollution in the Guanabara Bay. However, the plans to upgrade the status of the host city experienced challenges because of the economic pitfalls witnessed during the preparation for the major event (Neirotti, 2016). There were delays in the accomplishment of the projects to facilitate the event as witnessed on the social media criticism regarding the ability of the country to host the event.

Environmental protection

The preparation for the Rio 2016 was guided by the theme of environmental protection and sustainable developments goals. The attitudes of the event planners were positive to the environment and climate change factors. For example, it was anticipated that during and after the Olympic Games, there would high levels of emission of carbon. As a result, the planning committee organized for the planning of 24 million tree seedlings to help the regulating the volumes of carbon during the games. The climatic conditions in Brazil are tropical climate because the country is found in the tropics. The organizing team of the Olympic Games recognized the fact that the country needs to embrace environmental sustainability during and after the memorable event. One of the measures to reduce emission in Rio Olympic Games regards the reduced sizes of the Olympic cauldrons (Neirotti, 2016). The committee reformed bronze and silver materials so that all the rings and the medals include the recycled materials. The committee resolved not to present the athletes with flowers as evident in the past Olympic Games. The use of flowers to celebrate the winners was waste and destructions of the beautiful environment of Brazil. The materials used in the construction of Podiums and handball Arena could be recycled as the committee earlier predetermined.

Social-cultural effects of the Event

During the preparation for the event, Brazil had a budget equal to $38.2 billion to spend in the entire process. The budget was to facilitate the city changing mission in Brazil. There were high expectations of visitors, in the country, which constituted of staff, athletes, and volunteers. The event had a positive implication on the culture of the Brazilians. All the media houses focused on the diverse terrains and the physical features of Brazil. In the past Brazil has shone in ball games and produced best players in world cup competitions. However hosting the Olympic Games was an achievement for the country because it was capturing the attention of the world investors. After the event, most of the countries gave positive reviews on the Portuguese cultures exhibited during the opening and the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. The Brazilian government showed the world the love for their nation after use of Portuguese language during the opening and the closing ceremony of the event (Clark et al., 2017).

In the attempt to prepare the city for the Olympic Games, there was a serious eviction of the people to give room for renovations and expansions of the infrastructures. The poor communities in the Olympic parks had to give room for construction companies to renovate the places. During the preparation, there were serious power interruptions, and water supplies because of the renovation processes. The citizens of the Rio had a fight with polices officers during the process of evacuation to give room for the intensive preparation for the event. The standards of living of most Brazilian were hike because of the high bus fare during the Olympic Games. The high influx of people and athletes in the most cities caused a high level of traffic congestions. Despite the earlier preparation to expand roads to allow swift movements of people, there were delays experienced in the city because of the high populations of the attendees. The people who came to Brazil for the Olympic Games were of diverse cultures. Over 305 countries participated in the Games and therefore there was a high cultural interaction. The individuals and organization had the best opportunities to sell their cultures to the visitors in the country (Neirotti, 2016).

Experiences and Meaning attached to the event

The Olympic Games consist of summer and winter events. The Olympic Games is held after every four and that every country around the world has a chance to participate. The two games, winter, and summer games occur after every four years but two years differences between the 2 games. The core reasons for the creation of Olympic Games were to trigger unity among the different countries around the globe.

The Rio Olympic Games means a lot to the economy of Brazil. First, the country was to benefit from popularity after all the TV stations brought live events form Rio. The company marketing the products stands a better chance to popularize them during the Olympic Game Period. The renovations in the city, Olympic Games avenues, sewerage systems, restaurants, infrastructures were a positive development in the Economy of Brazil. The committee planted millions of trees that would later transform the environment of Brazil. The country was opened up for international, investors after the country renovated infrastructures that support investment. The event position Brazil as the first Portuguese speaking country to host Olympic Games. In South America, Brazil, become the first country host such a celebrated event.

Literature review

The scholars have interest in the different dimensions regarding major events. The Olympic Games has implication on the different aspect of the economy and this explains the large numbers of scholars researching on the field. For example, researchers are concerned with sports participation, urban regenerations, legacies, social impact, tourism, and economic impacts of the Olympic Games (Clark et al., 2017).

The researchers are attentive to the levels of participation in the Olympic Games and the implication of the participation in the future. The concerns also regard the development of new facilities in preparation for the Olympic Games and their usages after the event. According to Stretcher, et al., 2017 the indoor game's participation has improved by 60% since 1987. The rise in popularity of the indoor Games has attracted the participation of men and women on the event.

The researchers put efforts to unveil the improved participation of the ethnic minorities. For example, in Rio 2016, there was an increase in the percentages of black people participating in the indoor games.

The business opportunities that resulted from the Olympic Games have had a positive impact on the social status of the people of the host country. The meeting in Rio has promoted cultural exchange where diverse cultures show their talents and promote the image of the country of origin. It is the interest of most researchers to understand the economic effect of the Olympic Games after the event. According to Lin et al.2017 after the event, the improved infrastructures attract the investors in the host country and thus leading to creations of jobs to the people. According to Bruckner & Pappa 2015, the assessment after the Olympic Games shows that many people are taking their leisure time seriously and using their leisure time in sports. The availability of training field provides room for people to improve their physical fitness.

The Urban studies show that hosting an Olympic games is an avenue for urban regeneration Prayag, et al.,2013 argue that sporting events open up opportunities for the city to popularise itself in the world image and promoting its status in the worldview. Some of the urban regeneration activities include upgrading of infrastructures and the residential areas in the city.

Positive and negative impacts of the outcomes of the event

The Olympic Games has a positive impact on the economy, of the host country. After the event, the citizens of the host country enjoy good infrastructure, clean environment, and positive world image. The culture of the people of Brazil was marketed during the live coverage of the Olympic Games. The improved sewerage systems during the preparation for the event are an improvement of the standard of living of the residence (Tsaur, et al., 2017). The event opened up Brazil for investors that help create job opportunities for millions of the Brazilians. The government of Brazil benefits from the revenue collected during the event and the tourist that tour the country after the event.

The government of Brazil had to displace part of her population to create room for constriction of residential areas and Sports Arenas. The funds used to renovate city strange the budget of the country thus causing an economic crisis. There was an outbreak of Zika virus during the event caused health crisis in the country. The Brazilian government was opened for critics after the delayed after the police officers forcefully evacuated the people from the residential areas.

In conclusion, Rio 2016 was a Landmark event the government of Brazil. The country was the first in Portuguese speaking nations and South American countries to host an Olympic Games. The country had to renovate the city, build new infrastructures, and sport venues to facilitate the event. Though the preparations cost the country a lot of money, it was an opportunity to market tourist attractions sites, creations of jobs and improving the image of country in the worldview. The host country benefited from the high revenue collections from the Olympic staff, athletes, and fans.


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Bruckner, M., & Pappa, E. (2015). News shocks in the data: Olympic Games and their macroeconomic effects. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 47(7), 1339-1367...

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