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Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a fitness instructor. The idea of organizing exercise programs to improve people's health and fitness sparked an excitement inside me. My elder brother was my main inspiration as he taught me a lot about sports and fitness. Ever since then, I've had a passion for fitness. Fitness career is not only a career but a different opportunity to achieve my dreams of being world's most admired fitness trainer with a legacy that will put a permanent mark on the phase of the world. Recent scientific development has likewise acted as a beautiful energy drive towards fitness training as innovations, and advancements in the training and exercise division have risen. As a young man, I led my companions in training exercises; this developed my profound energy in practice.

One reason I need to be a fitness instructor is that I appreciate learning how to keep the body healthy and finding better approaches to keep it fit. As a fitness instructor, I will be outfitted with appropriate skills to help the individuals who are fit and empower the harmed recoup from real damage, for example, broken knee, appendage, and medical attendant them to full recuperation.Working as a personal trainer, I will continuously immerse in the health and fitness industry. I do understand that my life as a personal trainer will not always be easy, I would come across stubborn clients and training equipment may become defective with time. However, the rewards will heavily outweigh the problems. By becoming a personal trainer and doing a job I love, I would spend more of my time learning, helping, and improving than I will spend time working (Anshel 24).

My personal qualities have likewise contributed an incredible deal in shaping me into an excellent trainer which I am to be soon. Being artistic, flexible, imaginative and adaptable makes me ready to change and adjust openly and appropriately to the necessities and of particular clients. A flexible personality is vital to being a fruitful coach. Being an enterprise, fitness training unlocks many opportunities in the business arena. Fitness training generates income and creates jobs for many people. Training facilities are usually present in many institutions such workplaces and health center. Ability to socialize carefully and make a benevolent workplace is additionally another identity that can empower me to cooperate with customers on an individual level keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend their necessities. Being a human individual will support my profession as a fitness trainer and additionally building a close relationship with my clients (Curless 45).

This career requires some licenses and educational qualification to enable one to be a thoroughly professional fitness trainer who can compete globally. One ought to equip with knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, nutrition as well as the exercise for clients. For one to develop into a world-class professional fitness trainer he/she should have a certificate in fitness training. One gets an added advantage when he or she acquires a training course or formal degree certificate from various established bodies of certification in the field of fitness training. A certificate in AED (Automated external defibrillator) and CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is required to ensure that a trainer knows when a client is having an emergency thus can conduct a fast aid to the customer by handling cases of cardiac or breathing problems. Some of the bodies of certification include American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (Thompson 23).

Some schools offer an undergraduate degree in fitness training, and a major in kinesiology, exercise science as well as physical education. These institutions include Arizona state University, University of California and Colorado state university. These universities offer a bachelors degree, masters degree a well as a Ph.D. in fitness career. I would wish to major in exercise physiology which will enhance my knowledge in acute responses and adaptations to a wide range of practices which will enable me to enhance my career in fitness. Among the three universities, California University is way more preferable because it has a variety of facilities that are involved in training and well equipped with the modern training facility and it stems way back hence more developed. The serene environment around California University is also favorable for being trained as a fitness trainer. Lastly, California University also offers the course at Ph.D. level. Thus this avails an arena for research in a person's major in exercise physiology.

Although all these majors are equally important each, has its advantages and disadvantages. Kinesiology is a very important discipline because of some reasons as addressed by its advantages. It is highly marketable with a high demand as well as being essential in giving one the opportunity to be own boss .kinesiology also brings about a great work balance thereby enabling one spend time equally at his workplace as well as with his family. This major will also enable one help others to fulfill their physical and psychological potentials as well as providing a good salary income.

Disadvantages related to this discipline include touching clients who are strangers who may be perceived as awkward. Also, it may take time for one to establish him or her quickly and eventually get known to the public. Lastly, it may not be easy to start your practice given that capital and other requirements may be difficult to access.

Exercise physiology, on the other hand, has some advantages like flexibility in the workplace where one can have a right balance of time he or she spends with the family as well as the workplace. It also creates job satisfaction by enabling one to be of service to his clients by helping them with their appropriate needs like in the case of athletes who require regular massage. Exercise physiologists also earn modest income which makes it even more attractive. Exercise physiology also faced with some disadvantages such as medical emergencies may arise when dealing with a client suffering from heart-related diseases which may be problematic as well as the lack of commitment from the clients.

Physical education as a major in fitness training has various advantages such as maintaining good health and ensuring proper growth and development. A fitness trainer can create a good rapport with clients as one engages directly with clients and also it offers better payment. Some of the disadvantages associated with physical education are a lack of commitment from the clients who tend to skip fitness sessions as well as unavoidable body contacts with some clients who may get offended when body contact is made with them while doing fitness training thereby creating chaos during that particular moment.

It is my sincere wish to select the University of California as my transfer target because it has modernized technological facilities that will significantly develop my fitness training career. University California will also offer me great opportunities to advance my study as it also offers a master's degree in fitness training which will make me even more marketable upon setting up my fitness training center. This university is also located in a serene environment that is suitable for learning. After successfully completing my education in fitness training, I have a plan of starting my fitness training center where individuals who wish to engage in fitness training can do so. Fitness training is a way of keeping healthy and physically strong will be coming to for regular exercise would also try to popularize this new emerging career among the youths so that they may get enlightened concerning its benefits of fitness career as it is a highly paying job.

I would wish to take two of years in Fullerton College so that I completely finish my course work in fitness training before I decide to transfer to the University of California for further studies for my practical part of my course work. The University of California has got modernized training facilities that will enhance my practical lessons. I would like to get my transfer in the summer after completing my course work.

All in all, I expect to graduate from the University of Fullerton if all goes well in the next two years. In the next five years, I see myself an owner of a well-established fitness center equipped with modern equipment. I may engage in partnership with other stakeholders or my venture as a sole proprietor in the fitness training business. My dream is to revolutionize fitness, support inventions and put an indelible mark in fitness training.


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