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A warm-up is a less active physical exercise done just before vigorous body exercises. The physical warm is meant to prepare the body muscles for the movements they would eventually be subjected to during the real physical exercise (Hoeger, &Sharon 23). Importance of preparing the muscles is to prevent injuries that are usually caused by muscles fatigues that occur when one just enters into vigorous physicals exercises without preparing them (Anderson, &Stretching 35).Warms up bring body temperature up, increase heartbeat rate and increases blood circulations to the body muscles to produce the energy that is required.

Stretching, on the other hand, is the form of physical exercises where specific muscles are intentionally flexed or stretched to improve the muscles' elasticity and attain comfort. Stretching also improve blood circulation or flow to the specific body muscles to produce the necessary energy (Perry 67). Like war ups, stretching is less vigorous and can be done when one is relaxed in any position.

Flexibility is the ability of the body joints to move freely through a complete range of motions. It is being capable of bending to extreme ends without breaking or straining so much. Flexibility is one of the body fitness components that are determinants of success in sporting activities (Hoeger, &Sharon 27). Flexibility enables an individual to perform a rigorous exercise for a long time. Flexibility can enable one to escape danger by moving fast from the danger. Moreover, flexibility enables individuals to perform his/her duties fast without getting fatigued.

Static stretching is a stretching where a stretch is held at one particular position for some time. It is part of warm-up exercises meant to relieve soreness, relaxes the muscles, improves muscles imbalances and helps in improving the flexibility of the muscles and joints (Perry 67). Static muscles can be done in-house without necessarily moving out to the field.

Ballistic stretching is a kind of warm-up stretching where one moves the body parts in an attempt to force them to go beyond their normal range of motion (Reppetoe &Kilgore 72). It is a rapid and bouncing movement that when one needs to stretch the muscles beyond the regular limits. It is a dangerous stretching type where one needs to do under supervision by a physical fitness professional. Once one gets used to such type of stretches, then his/her flexibility improves at a great deal.

Dynamic stretching is the use of body movements to warm up the body muscles. These involve the use of jumping, squatting, lunges, rotation and press ups. Simple dynamic movements help in improving the flexibility of the muscles and also tend to ease joint pains (Perry 67). In most cases, in sporting activities such as football, athletics, and many other rigorous sporting activities, people carry out dynamic movements to help them in boosting flexibility of the muscles to prepare them for these activities (Anderson, &Stretching 35).

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching is a special stretching directed at specific muscles or body parts meant to improve the flexibility of the body parts (Hoeger, &Sharon 45). It is an advanced form of flexibility training that involves stretching and contraction of the muscles in targeted areas. PNF stretching majorly depend on reflexes to give a deeper stretch that tends to improve flexibility.

Foam roller stretching is a type of physical message that is done either before exercise to help in loosening up the sore muscle and tight joints or done after the workout to help in the muscles recovery (Rippetoe &Kilgore 72). They are gentle stretch done by the person massaging or can be done by the individual himself. This type of stretching can be done by the use of body oils, or lotions to smoothen the skin for easier massage.

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