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To help Dave overcome his outcome objective orientation and get back his motivation, I would execute a few necessary changes. Initially, I would begin with Daves already set goals. As indicated by Turtle (2010), goals ought to be recorded, keeping in mind the end goal to enable tracking progress or relapse. Such documentation can expand the level of sense of duty regarding accomplishing an objective and, moreover, helps keep athletes on the track, continually pursuing their goal. It is incredible that Dave as of now has a plan of result targets, some short term, and some long term. Daves long term objective, to be the speediest American downhiller, is extraordinary. This can be accomplished with time and a lot of training. Elliot et al. (2017) urge that competitors ought to be encouraged to set a couple of aggressive but achievable long term goals. Notwithstanding, Dave's transient objectives, which is to be top three in every World Cup race is somewhat ambitious. It is because Dave has gone from a little Ski group into the major leagues with more experienced and conceivably better-trained athletes. It would bode well for Dave to have a couple of short term objectives, rather than mixing up his fleeting purpose for a medium-term goal.

Dave could undoubtedly begin with the aim of forwarding a practical number. The number should be functional, and with adequate training, the number can increase. His medium-term objective could be to be among the top three under a sensible measure of training. It will help him to be on track as Elliot et al. (2017) indicates that to keep competitors on track with their long haul objectives; they should likewise set proper medium-term goals. By understanding where Dave needs to go and where he is at this moment, more appropriate goals can be made for him, hence, paving a way to progress and accomplish his ultimate objective of being the quickest American downhiller.

I would encourage him to utilize a couple of motivational methods to help raise Dave's confidence. In conjunction with goal setting, I would suggest positive self-talk and motivational music while training. Additionally, I will be conducive for Dave to participate in several low-key competitions that could help support his inspiration through extrinsic reward. It is a simple approach to help support Dave's confidence. Moreover, Dave has likewise fallen into a maladaptive accomplishment propensity or perhaps learned defenselessness, an acquired condition in which a man sees that his or her activities have no impact on the coveted result of an undertaking (Weinburg, 2011). Dave would profit from using set task objectives and downplaying outcome goals. The technique may help correct his acquired defenseless state. It would likewise benefit Dave to have a mentor who will offer him much required positive criticism. In light of his result objective orientation, Dave should be observed and corrected on the maladaptive attributions he makes about himself to help him develop positive emotional state during his tournaments (Weinburg, 2011).

Finally, I would have Dave concentrate on his flow state. As indicated by Elliot et al. (2017) amid flow, consciousness is lost, and athlete ends up with the activity. If Dave can focus without anyone else skiing and disregard everything else, it might help him to restore his motivation for competing. He may even surprise himself by placing higher than expected, which would be a special reward for his confidence.



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