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Peace comes from within, therefore the responsibility to seek it lies within us and not outside us. A peaceful place lies somewhere between the love in ones heart and the thoughts in ones mind. Peace is therefore found in the following places.

Apply the law of acceptance.

Life provides a series of continuous changes and natural events. In this case, one should not resist them as this would only result in unnecessary stress. Allow the reality of events and changes to take place and take their course. This action provides a basis for understanding that the only thing one has control over is themselves. The understanding of the foundation of acceptance provides room for peace and personal growth.

A sincere inner space.

Having ones way of living and honoring it provides an absolute right way of living. Among the major and most vital sources of sources of peace is the understanding and comfortability of who you are. This activity involves not trading your reality for a role or giving up your freedom of thought. Peace can only manifest in your external life when it exists in your internal life, and this is by being yourself.

Forgiving those who hurt you.

It is difficult to be peaceful when hurt by someone. It is much harder than being vengeful and angry. Getting inner peace, therefore, requires one to stay calm, let go of the pain through forgiveness and move on with life. All these things are done not only for the person who hurt you but also for the enhancement of peace in your wellbeing.

The land of appreciation.

If you are not happy or peaceful with what you currently own, then you wont be peaceful even when its doubled. Contentment is a natural wealth, therefore, dont waste your happiness overlooking what you have for what you wish you had because you will never have enough. To avoid all the stress and obtain peace within, appreciate what you already have, and you will always have something more to smile.

Moments of purposeful solitude.

You need to take some time alone at least once a day to consciously separate the present from the past and the future. You need this time to think peacefully, free from any form of external pressure and with no problems to solve and people to please.

Spend time with loved ones.

Loving someone means that you understand them and why they think and feel about you and they also understand the same about you. This feeling of mutual understanding enables human beings to be at ease. Understanding also provides emotional comfort and a sense of belonging all of which enhance peace within us. People who truly love feel free to release themselves to the trust of their inner spirit and soul. The activity creates a real connection, and true peace identified for both of you.

Engage in passionate endeavors.

Passion rests deep within us and drives our choices, feelings, and courses of action. It, therefore, cannot and should not be taken for granted. Your passion becomes the greatest sources of your achievements and finest times. It provides an excitement of love, the joy of work and clarity of purpose, all of which contribute towards attainment of peace. Without passion, there is no peace of mind.

Utilize the power of positive action.

Life provides what you put in it. All the results, whether dynamic or not respond exclusively to the inputs made in it. Therefore, positive and productive efforts as inputs provide a useful and equally positive outcome. The above is the greatest power one has over their choices and actions. Therefore, rather than trying to get power from external situations, exercise the use of unlimited power you already possess over yourself. Stop worrying and complaining, put your mind to rest and focus on living, breathing and presenting the best of yourself though getting positive, productive and putting the available possibilities to the test.

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