Speech Exampe: Challenges Facing Young Adults

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Growth is a continuous curve. There are a lot of things that are learnt along the way. There are a lot of issues we get to know as we grow. As young adults, we face challenges as we encounter challenges when we come to get to know new things or when we are faced with world realities that were not evident while we were still young. It is because of this that we are going to have the best presentation on the issues that for a very long time have been affecting our youth. By the end of this speech, it is my sincere believe that every one of you will be aware of the challenges facing the youth and the right remedies that can be taken to solve them.

The analysis of the research from various researchers who work on the identification of the challenges of life human beings faces show that this is the age bracket that suffers greatest difficulties.

Managing the life at the college is one of the greatest challenge that is facing young adults. It is at the college where some of the young adults get to leave their life without any supervision or direct control. The freedom may lead to them participating in certain attempting activities. These events may impact negatively on the main course they want to pursue, and on reaction, the involved individual may get depressed and eventually lose focus in life. Another challenge to the youth is peer pressure (Osgood, 2005). Young adults often have some of what they do influence by the forces of the environment. Many teens get involved in drug usage because some of their peers use them. To create a sense of belonging to that particular group, they find it difficult to abandon the substance abuse even after realizing is not the best course to take. Peer pressure a; also come from the elder siblings and the trending issues in the modern technology.

Love relationships is also a major problem affecting the young adults. This is because they have to find out the kind of persons that they should date. This great challenge makes them give a lot of attention diverted towards finding out what qualities a good mate should have and how to identify these people in the society. This causes them to have reduced performance in whatever they are doing especially schooling. The other challenge that arises from this is the heartbreaks that result from these relationships. Whenever a young adult gets a problem with his/her spouse, they get massively depressed, a situation that makes them lose hope in their works (Johnson, et al. 2002). Some of them may even end up doing nasty things such as committing said or even attempting to murder those who they previously dated with the idea of revenge.

The adolescent stage impacts negatively to the life of young adults. There are physical changes that happen in the youths bodies that may not make them comfortable. The pimples that may come out of their faces makes them feel hugely shy. 4. lack of employment. Many youth after finishing their schooling find it uneasy to cope with the high rates of unemployment today. This makes them face difficulties in their lives for example inability to get good houses to stay. Some of them even end up into hazardous activities of crime and other acts that are risky for their lives. Nit is at this age that the youth begin to have families that in turn lead to many family problems encountering their lives.

As I conclude, I believe I have touched on some of the main challenges that is affecting most of the young adults. The young adult's greatest challenges are therefore the college life management, dating relationships and peer pressures from the technology, elder siblings and their peers, lack of safe houses to stay, failure in education, uncomfortable due to their body shapes and appearances and also inability to secure suitable job opportunities after pursuing their course at the colleges and universities.



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