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The transition that has been experienced by the information age are consistent in romantic or sexual relationships. To find out sexual relationships aspects have emerged, an online survey was carried out. The survey on sexual relationships assessed aspects of personality such as personality characteristics, feministic beliefs, personally perceived desirability, and sexual satisfaction (Kim, 2008). These personality components are the key contributors to the growth of friends with benefits relationships. Consequently, the aspects and the scope of sexual relationships has diversified. The online survey of sexual relationships explores the emerging aspects of the social interactions on a liberal internet platform thus giving an introspective approach on the subject.

The use of an online survey makes it possible for a comprehensive collection of data from a specific sample population. The surveys only allow responses from people who are 18 and more years of age employing parameters that would lead to the collection of reliable information. Persons at and above 18 years are legally mature, thus can make rational decisions independently (Branscombe, & Baron, 2017). They are deemed old enough to handle the emotional, cognitive and biological implications of sexual relationships.

Surveys are effective in the collection of information which can be used as a primary data for further analysis on a matter such as sexual satisfaction in either of the types of relationship (friends with benefits and romantic relationships). Besides meeting the age requirement, the survey required the respondents to specify their relationship status (Capawana, 2016). The permissible relationships are either friends with benefits or romantic relationships across all sexual orientation. It provides raw data for analysis that would make it possible to access the sexual satisfaction of the respondents in either of the relationships. This analysis can further be varied to different sexual orientation.

Using the survey methodology helps a researcher to collect information on their precise topics and issue questions to the respondent that are specific to the study subject. The precise nature of the information collected helps in the identification of the new aspects of relationships as per the responses to the study (Branscombe, & Baron, 2017). The precise nature of such survey makes it possible to identify the personal traits such as drawing relationship on religious orientation about the type of relationship that the majority to different religious orientation (Buddhist, Christian, earthiest, Judaism, Jewish, or any other religious orientation). This helps in drawing conclusions on the impact of religious orientations and the preference of the respondents on relationships.

The use of the online survey for the research on sexual relationships eliminates the boundary of embarrassment while addressing personal sexual; matters face to face. Sexual affairs are best preserved as the secret to the subjects in question thus coming forth to talk about personal sexual relations, and affairs is often a challenge to different people. The use of an online platform eliminates this barrier (Kim, 2008). Eventually, it makes it possible to get information from more respondents. The information collected cuts across a vast spectrum of sexual affairs including the emerging aspects as pointed out. The online survey is effective in this essence making it possible for the people to make a comprehensive analysis of this approach.

Respondents on this platform are forthcoming in responding to questions such as personality traits which they assess while getting into a romantic or friends with benefits kind of a relationship. Online survey gives the liberty for one to anonymously respond to question without the fear of revealing their identity thus making it possible for the participants to provide as much information as they can. Personality traits such as their sexual identities and preferences can easily be collected from the respondents. It also offers room for a comprehensive exploration of responsibility and the preference of the kinds of relationships on the partners disposition on romantic-sexual relationships (Capawana, 2016). The online survey of the personal traits on personality traits influence on the relationships gives an intrinsic assessment of the self-schemas degree of influence on either of types of relationships.

Engagement in either a romantic or friends with benefits relationship is defined greatly by personality traits which significantly impact the interpersonal relations. Personally perceived desirability, sexual satisfaction, and low feministic consciousness contribute substantially to the growth of friendships with benefits relationships (Kim, 2008). Religious people are more likely to confine themselves in romantic relationships. While both kinds of relationship have seek to satisfy one sexually, romantic relationships meet emotional needs. Friends with benefits relationships are based on the agreement for sexual satisfaction.

The honesty of respondents determines the success of the survey. Online survey does not guarantee the validity of the information collected compared to the validity of the information that would be collected on a face to face survey. While the online survey may lead to the collection of numerous responses which are presumed valid, it does not have the value of face to face questionnaire collecting similar information whose validity is more reliable due to the personal assessment of the respondent by the surveyor compared to online surveys (Capawana, 2016). While this approach is an efficient collection of substantial information, the validity of the information is questionable compared to other interpersonal approaches.

The online survey has no mechanism for authenticating the participants are legally mature thus may expose children to information they may not be in a position to cognitively handle. The use of a questionnaire which one on an online platform eliminated the value of validity of information collected (Capawana, 2016). Respondents to the questionnaire may purposely give misguiding information leading misguiding analysis.

The online survey methodology presents a comprehensive analysis of the evolved aspects of friends with benefits and romantic sexual relationships. Factors such as personal traits, perceived desirability, and sexual satisfaction determine the preferred relationship (Kim, 2008). The survey offers room for a comprehensive exploration of responsibility and the preference on the kind of relationship partners choose to engage in.



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