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Heroes are a huge part of growth as children and young adults. Heroes take on many different forms and evolve from many different situations. There is a great opportunity for personal reflections, realizations, and growth in students. This idea also gives the opportunity to focus on the past, present, and future through focusing on current events. Being a hero, therefore, can be defined by many other things in the life cycle of human beings. The choices we make and the reasons behind why we make them is the ultimate result of one becoming a hero. Although different people have different views on what defines a hero, the term can be used to refer to any act either positive or negative that makes an individual succeed in some situation. Therefore, heroic is core in the overlapping forms of courage.

Heroism in the civilian sphere.

An individual who faces physical peril in the society may get involved in a probability of physical risk which more often occurs privately, for instance, a cancer patient who once suffered the wrath of the deadliest disease recovers from the symptoms is seen as a hero since he or she can beat the disease. Since cancer is a disease which poses a threat to the lives of a human being and the research indicates that it is among the diseases categorized as killing more people in the world, a person who recovers from the grips of cancer is a hero in the face of society and is celebrated.

Offering help to save a life is an act of heroism. For instance, an individual who offers to provide first aid to others who are involved in an accident and take them to the hospital is regarded as a hero. The heroism in such individual I defined by the act of kindness and empathy. The person may not be trained in such field and therefore no specific guidelines to the heroic action due to the non-duty-bound action of saving a life. However, this offers a successful service that leads to saving a life. In such a case, the society regards the person as a hero even though others might not see the essence of heroism in the person CITATION LiY15 \l 1033 (Yue)The society accords a family man or woman who might be of low class yet organizing all the available resources and create wealth from them heroism act. The fact that the parents can educate their children and build a modest house despite being poor and of low class. Additionally, it is a principle-driven courage since the historical views underscore the importance of nobility of purpose. The several elements of bravery and courage in the social context of the society is termed heroism action CITATION Zen111 \l 1033 (Zeno E. Franco).

Heroism in the military ground.

Death some military personnel which makes a personal decision in facing death is a hero in the nation or kingdom. The act of giving oneself to the enemy or sacrificing with the aim of saving the nation. In situations that forces an individual to pick up arms in readiness for death to save a group of people in a heroism act.

Risk of life during war battle pronounces one to be a hero. A person who puts others before himself or herself through being mindful of to others in term of services rendered by an individual. For instance, a hero may be viewed as a person who sacrifices his or her life for the sake of others in the times of difficulty. Extraordinary strength such as the ability to wrestle against opponents who might be from another country or community and pin him or her down constitute a heroism act in the society.

Heroism is an act that makes a difference in the hardship situation. The ordinary people who are doing super ordinary acts are accorded heroism status. According to the discussion, various people are becoming heroes in different circumstances as discussed above.

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