Research Paper Example: Sensory Processing Disorders. Parenting Styles.

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A condition in which the brain has problems receiving and responding to information that comes through the senses. Sensory processing disorders are commonly found in children but can also be found in adults. The body has different senses which include vision, hearing, touch, proprioception, taste, smell and vestibular. Sensory processing disorder can involve one sense or more senses. Children with sensory processing disorder can have over responsiveness or under responsiveness of the sense or senses involved.

Symptoms of sensory processing disorder depend on the sense or senses involved. They include; Failure to respond to extreme temperatures, lack of coordination, inability to engage in play and conversations, screaming when touched, fear of heights, constant need to touch texture and people, failure to understand personal space, thrill seeker and fighting other children.

Sensory processing disorder is not the same as autism. However, the two diseases are related in that they are neurological conditions which affect a childs development. According to research sensory processing disorder occur more often in kids with sensory processing disorder, but the vice versa is not true.

Parenting Styles

Authoritarian parenting is a style of parenting where parents have very high expectations and high demands of their children. The parents offer negative feedback to their children and very little nurturance. Parents tend to punish their kid's mistakes harshly.

Authoritative parenting is a parenting style where parents have reasonable demands, fair discipline, and high responsiveness. Parents also listen to their children and provide them with resources and support to help them succeed. Neglectful parenting is a form of parenting where parents make few or no demands of their children, and they have little or no response to their children needs. Parents just provide the basic needs, but they dont give room for developmental and recreational activities.

Indulgent parenting is a parenting style where parents are more responsive than demanding. They have few demands and high responsiveness. Ideal parents love, they are patient with their kids, and they are responsible. During pregnancy parents prepare for the arrival of the infant, they imagine how they will cope with responsibilities and challenges of the baby. During infancy, parents try to adopt a new lifestyle to form bonds of attachment with their infants. Children ages 2years to 5 years the parents become authoritative. They try to establish boundaries and rules for their children. From 5years to adolescence parents become interpretive. They teach the children how to interpret other peoples behavior and respond appropriately. During adolescence, parents try to find a balance between freedom of the child and the childs independence, but they still have the final say. Finally, after adolescence parents and children start to communicate on equal grounds.


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