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3. Why do you think it is important to be physically active?

Although people do not treat physical activity with the seriousness it deserves, its importance cannot be overlooked. First of all, exercise improves ones health and significantly reduces the risk of acquiring several lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases which pose serious threats to life and can be fatal if not managed. Benefits of being physically active are both short and long term. A person who exercises regularly has a better chance at controlling his/her weight and stay fit. Through exercise bones and muscles are strengthened reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Blood cholesterol is also kept in check, and so are diseases that are associated with high serum cholesterols. Research shows that being physically active brings a healthier state of mind preventing depression and stress. While exercising, negative thoughts, feelings, and worries are put aside for a moment. Similarly, one can use exercise to keep off from negative people too. An active life is a happy life, and through exercise, sleep patterns are improved.

4. Did you achieve your fitness goals from your healthy active living plan created at the beginning of the semester? Explain in detail. Describe any barriers that affected your results (i.e. stress, nutrition, motivation)

I did not fully achieve my fitness goals. As much as I tried my best, some targets remained unmet at the end of the semester. For instance, I had intended to lose at least 10kg and have a workout routine that I was to follow on a daily basis, but that did not happen. Temptation got the better of me and stuck to my diet plan also proved impossible. There were a couple of barriers that led to the stated results. First, school assignments and home errands interfered with my workout sessions. I spent time that was dedicated to working out on finishing up on my assignments and running errands. By the time I was done, I was too exhausted to exercise. Secondly, on some days I lacked the motivation to workout. Knowing it was a voluntary and a personal target, I would play myself on some days and skip the exercise sessions for less involving hobbies such as watching movies and hanging out with friends.

5. Reflect on your current lifestyle (diet, activity level, rest, attitude towards activity, parent/family activity levels, injuries, cultural practices). How does your lifestyle correlate to your fitness testing results?

My current lifestyle as far as physical activity is concerned can best be defined as average. I am not that committed to physical fitness although I do not lead an extremely sedentary life. My family members are not that physically active either, and for that reason, they are less likely to be a source of motivation. Apart from the food served at home, my snacks are junks that could have adverse effects as far as nutrition is concerned.

6. Why is understanding your strength and values essential for guiding you in making thoughtful decisions about your health? Explain in detail.

It is said that a person who best understands themselves is at a better position to make correct choices. Knowing your values and personal strengths could go a long way in improving your life. First, it boosts your self-confidence and subsequently your self-esteem. Such a person is not likely to be misled or give into peer pressure and undue influence.

7. Comment on your active participation this semester. Consider whether you participated actively in all activities, some activities (i.e. the ones you enjoyed), a few activities, or no events. What factors encouraged you to participate in certain activities and what factors hindered your participation? Use specific examples.

Being an extroverted person, my active participation in demonstrating positive social behaviors was unmatched. I encouraged my friends to participate in charity social work. Together, we would create awareness on the importance of keeping our environment clean, and on weekends we would conduct a clean-up in the school and neighborhood. I was open to engaging in activities including the new ones such as volleyball and skating. I was a constant source of motivation to my friends, and some even confessed that had it not been for my persistence, they would have quit active participation. Such compliments, however subtle they were, kept me going and I took pride in knowing that I was someones inspiration. Nevertheless, I avoided the extreme sports as they proved to be very tiresome and vigorous for me. I also feared to secure an injury in the process and this added to the reasons why I avoided them.

8. What will you take away with you from this course? Explain in detail using examples of how to develop the skills you chose. (I.e. leadership skills, knowledge of sports, healthy lifestyle choices, etc.)

The most important skill I will take from this course is making healthy lifestyle choices by staying fit. Countless are the times I have seen fit people in magazines, movies, and even real life and thought to myself, Wow! I wish I were like them. I have always denied being a fan of a well-toned masculine body, but deep down, I am always dying to have such. I could say it is because of the outward appearance that is almost seductive just by itself or because of the confidence such people project without having to say anything. It could also be because of how highly such people are talked about and the respect they command with their body. However, when I come to terms with what I need to do to achieve such, I find myself relenting and backpedaling and consoling myself that some things are not meant for everybody. Of course, I know it is the biggest self-lie I have lived with for years but never underestimate the extent someone would go and tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

9. Set two smart goals for your future.

A) One SMART goal should be related to your physical fitness.

Spare at least 30 minutes daily for physical exercise.

B) One SMART goal should be related to your overall wellness and could encompass any area of your emotion, physical, mental or social health.

Develop meaningful relationships with friends and family by spending time with them.

C) Create an action plan for one of your goals.

Frequency Exercise at least once daily.

Intensity Light to mild exercise.

Time 30 minutes sessions.

Type Jogging and stretching.


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