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Implicit association test deals with the relation between two concepts or stereotypes. Also, it lays more focus with the mental attitude that a person might not be willing to talk about. However, in many cases, IAT needs an immediate judgment which brings an outcome of involuntary results (Lehr, 2012). There are different forms of IATs which measure on the association between concepts and why some individuals hold specific stereotypes. An Implicit association test has a played a significant role in elaborating an idea and the mental state of an individual.

Similarly, many cases one can tend to be honest in what he/she states, but the mental attitudes affect the decision they make (Baumeister, 2007). The IAT test gives a clear answer to such a situation. Race IAT deals with the ability to differentiate faces of European and those from an African origin. In this case, I choose an African American and a European American. In the first step, white color appears on the left side of a computer while black on the right front of the computer. In the middle is hardworking. The second step the person will arrange the word skillful by pressing either E to represent the left and I to represent the right.

On the other hand, the word skillful will appear on the left side while unskillful on the right hand. However the word skillful and unskillful will still be in the center where the person will be required to categorize them to the appropriate side as done before using the previously instructed letters. In the next step, the person grouped the racial identity and their respective trait. For instance either European American/ skillful or African American/unskillful. These words will be at the center where the individual will group them according to his attitude towards the two stereotypes.

Also, these steps will be repeated with the word right or bad where the person will identify and group them in line with the previous procedures. In the following action, the word skillful will appear on the right side while unskillful on the left hand. Later the objects will be reversed where European American/ skillful will appear on the left side and African American/unskillful will be on the right side. By concluding my test, the person will match a series of words which will indicate a more intensive association on the choice of words.

The matching of a race between African Americans and European Americans the participant readily identifies and has a positive association with European American to be skillful. When the inverse is done, the person will only support if he/she has more connection with the African Americans. However, this test takes more interest in a group of people rather than a person.

In many cases, the society holds some beliefs that a defined group of people has a specific way of doing things. There was a moderate automatic preference of European American than that of African European matched with the positive attributes. It was evident that the mechanical favorite was of the European American. In conclusion, from the IAT test one can testify that people tend not to associate with things which they dont prefer but give more attention to the usual ones. The response in related objects is more natural, and the result is gotten first.



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