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Psychology mainly entails the study of the human mind and their general integral behavior. Primarily, it broadly envisages the scientific disciplines which involve the assessment human reasoning, memory, brain, cognitive development, personalities, social process and the mental health. Scientifically, the evidence-based research concepts on the scientific practitioners borrows a lot from psychology professionalism in matters of decision making (Eisman & Wright, n.d.). The essence of making informed decision gyrates the professional practice of psychology-related careers which embodies ethical and profound psychological research. The preparation and mental study encompass various subfields and specialty areas which have significantly developed due to different human behaviors.

In my career prospect, the psychology subfield that relates to my nursing major is the health and clinical psychology. The psychology health subfield is regarded as a biosocial model since it states that illness and health emerge as a result of combining the psychological, biological and social parameters. The health psychology majorly ventures on comprehensively studying how patients react to disease, adhere to medics advice and also discerns the most effective modalities of curbing pain and addressing poor health habits. The core responsibilities of a health psychologist are to devise technicalities of promoting health by preventing diseases and diagnosing illness (Flanagan & Miller, 2015). More so, these psychologists may at some points design social programs with the motive of helping people recover smoking addictions, stress management and also maintain fitness. These programs are significant in health centers where nurses play integral role alongside physicians. Clinical psychology is recognized as a substantial area of specialty for the nurses whose passion in psychological concepts overwhelms the health career line. Majorly, clinical psychology is similar to health psychology though in some aspects the clinical approach envisages the theoretical ideas of psychodynamic approach, cognitive behavioral perspective, and the humanistic perspective. The core approach in this treatment paradigms is the experimentation and observation with the motive of instituting and promoting health-based change. In psychodynamic approach, the nurses employ the technique of free association to examine a patient; cognitive perspective capitalizes on the changing behaviors and thoughts attributed to distress while humanistic strategy aims to enhance the self-actualization and potential realization amongst the patents. The clinical psychologists address the emotional behavioral and mental disorders.

Clinical or health psychologist professional requires a profound knowledge capacity to satisfactorily deliver as required by the state licensing board. In the first place, an individual ought to have a Ph.D. or doctoral degree in counselings psychology, nursing or medical degree with a comprehensive knowledge and training in clinical psychology (Hess, n.d.). Also, the psychologist should be registered or certified by the state psychologists licensure board. More so the professional background should be backed by comprehensive hands-on skills. These skills justified by the letter of service for one-year residency or internship in a psychology accredited program. The psychology degree students should also register for a Continuing Education Units or continuously renew their licensure to sustain their credibility as clinical or health psychologists.

Reflecting on my nursing major, owing to the clinical knowledge on psychology that is an integral part of course, first I have registered with the state clinical nurses licensing board to authenticate my professionalism in that field. Secondly, I will base my one-year internship or residency in a psychology accredited institution which will ascertain and recommend my skills and proficiency as a clinical or health psychologist. This venture will significantly help me realize the dream of giving back to community by discerning the integral problems of the immediate populace via psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive paradigms.


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