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Childhood experiences look funny when one views it from the perspective of an adult. In my view, childhood encounters triggered a change in my life. It all started when I was in middle school and my parent decided to buy me colored glasses for me to protect my eyes from blue lights from the PC. During the time, my parents bought colored glasses for protection and not to ruin my reputations in the public. However, my life did not remain the same because friends made a negative comment about my appearance. I felt that my parents did not want the best for me because my colored glasses were sources of prejudices and discriminations from friends. During my middle school, the glasses did make sense and I felt I did not look nice before friends and to me, glasses belong to adults. For the entire period, I have seen my parents wearing glasses yet at my age, I could not interpret the role of the glasses and the people to wear the glasses.

The great lessons of my childhood experience down on me when I grew up and view the world form the right perspective. For example, when I grew up, I realized that the glasses were paramount to me during my early stages of development. I learned that anybody could wear glasses depending on the conditions of their eyes and the nature of their work. It was apparent that my loss of self-esteem because of lack of justification from friends was the problem of age. I could not understand that my parents intended to protect me from the varying light intensity from the PC considering my young age.

The childhood struggles have changed my view regarding the things I do not understand now. I have learned to build my self-esteem without the approval from friends but my view of things. Now, I do not understand why I was struggling to please friends who did not understand the reasons why I was wearing colored glasses during games time. Realities down on me when I realized changes due to adolescence draws attentions to self-image and specifically how we appear before friends.

It is a while now since I started viewing the world in a better perspective and stopped struggling with the issues of glasses. I came to know that our confidence before people begins with maturity and our perspective on things. For example, since the time I realized that glasses or no glasses life was good, the opinions of the people are not of interest to me any longer.

It is interesting to review the experience with other kids. My colored glasses attracted my fellow kids who called me names and despised my appearance. The growth to the level of understanding the role of glasses and reason from wearing glasses in public is a significant transition in my life. I refer my childhood experience as naive because I could not understand my environment and the motives of the people around me. For example, now, I wear colored glasses when it is too sunny to prevent too much light from ruining my sight. It is interesting that nobody has issues with my glasses now as before. My lesson from the childhood experience is that fear occupies the life of the majority of young children. Most of the children rely on approvals to feel loved and happy.

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