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Motocross, as one of the sports liked by many has greatly impacted positively the lives of the adolescents. It is the kind of sport, which involves riding motorcycle designs called motocross bike. The racers ride over a specific set time whereby the winner needs to cross the line first and that is an automatic win. They race over multiple terrain like corners, downhill and uphill.

Racing depends on the level and the club at which one is competing. The professionals are known to be having quite longer and vigorous rides than the beginners. Motocross originally known as the scrambles racing, has had positive effects on the adolescents as either a competitor or as spectator and most likely as both. For some youths, riding motocross is genetically transferred whereas for others, it is just a complete interest. The influence is felt as a rider, as a racer and as an enthusiast.

As a racer, motocross has positive effect on the adolescent in many ways. This kind of sport enhances personal responsibility in a life of a youngster. In this case, the individual is in charge of his or her on victory or failure. It is in motocross where there are no teams organised and therefore, if at all there is failure, no one can be blamed (Collins, Smith & Comstock 138). Moreover, motocross promotes the value of community among the adolescents. Just like other sports, the motocross communities are quite tight in that different families from different places get to meet and therefore, getting to know each other. The adolescents who are the participants meet other youths whom they share relatively same ambitions and goals. Through them meeting, they learn to support and give encouragement to the fellow racers, thus, creating togetherness as a family of the motocross.

Motocross racers also get to appreciate the rules states in the game and to value fair playing among themselves. In each and every game, there must be specific rules that guides the players. Through joining motocross, the adolescents get to know the importance of obeying the rules and ensuring fair play. In addition, the game enables the racers to accept to win with grace and lose with dignity.

The adolescent riders get to be influenced in different ways while riding the motocross. Firstly, the sport promotes healthy living to the riders. Motocross, also known as dirt bike, are rode outside and hence, this requires someone with good physique. This has helped the adolescents improve in their lifestyle. Secondly, the youth riders get to learn and appreciate the meaning of valuing their safety. It is a sport that requires quick and swiftness while riding. The adolescents are therefore, required to take precautions and learn the importance of valuing lives.

Furthermore, the sport helps the adolescents learn strong work ethics that one needs to possess. Due to the fact that the motocross is rode in different terrain at stated time, the adolescents are provides with the reason to follow rules and work hard at a stipulated time. Riding dirt bike keeps the youngsters on toes (Grange, Bodnar & Corbett 127). This is because it involves operating different and many controls such as rear brakes, handlebars, front brakes, clutches and throttles that needs someone to be more careful. The novices might find it difficult while operating those controls simultaneously but with hard work and determination, they will find it easy.

For the enthusiasts who have passion for sport, motocross helps them create more friends. Fans are all over the world and therefore when they meet, relationships are created. The fans who are mostly adolescents tend to form friendship relatively quicker than the fans of other games. This is simply because the adolescents have the same ambitions hence, bringing them together. This is the kind of sport that makes its lovers to greatly involve in wide reading. This therefore, gives the adolescents to read more about it. The adolescents with interest about motocross due to the fact that there are still minimal penetration in films and in television. This readings can be found in journals, magazines and internet.

Motocross stresses the value of one being thankful. It enables the adolescents who are the riders to be grateful and appreciate the fact that in every level that they reach, it is because of the support and help of others. Furthermore, the sport gives the youngsters a lot of entertainment that is definitely of non- violent. Many youngsters, and to be specific, boys tend to be involved in games and sports full of excitements and thrills and of course many of them may be disturbing. This sport though provide them with non- violent entertainment.

Motocross enables the youngsters know the significance of having good health. It is definitely one of the sports that needs the riders to have and highly maintain good health and thus, more physical demanding to them. The adolescents who have so far discovered how demanding this sport can be, and also at what point the racers can go and sacrifice just to maintain their shape, they then learn to appreciate that having good health is paramount.

However much this kind of sports influences the adolescents positively, a lot of care should be taken this is because it is high- risk sport, though popular. The riders should avoid wearing tight gloves, breath precisely, keep hands on the grips and lastly making sure to check the control set-up.


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