Article Review Example - Equality for All Cyclists: The Social Justice Case for Mass Cycling

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Dear Editor,

In your 11th December, Environment article, Equality for all cyclists: The social justice case for mass cycling, you discussed the how the authorities could be forced under the equalities legislation to provide proper cycle infrastructure. I wish to offer some insight from the cycling community regarding the mentioned article. It is true that the cyclists are yet to be embraced by the public as part of the road users. The author, Mr. Walker, was right when he stated that most people have not taken into consideration the fact that cycling can be a preeminent form of transport due to its ease of accessibility. Therefore, it is imperative that authorities should be compelled to re-shape the road infrastructure so that our needs as a cyclist are catered for.

I understand the frustration of the cyclist that is accompanied by the lack of adequate cycling routes that should cater for the challenges we face as cyclists. The legislation that promotes equalities across various divides in the society should be enforced to ensure that there are improvements on the roads that will not only ensure our safety but also our comfort and recreational desires are protected. However, with the continued promotion of cycling, there seems to be more inequality as a result. There seems to be a trend created that tends to exclude older individuals, black and minority ethnic people and disabled individuals. These persons are more likely to be excluded from cycling.

Many politicians have assumed that most road users in Britain have cars. In fact, research depicts that less than 50 % of all Londoners do not own cars. Most of them rely on public transport and cycling to and from work. The main problem is that such a huge percentage of road users are not considered when coming up with s policies to do; with pollution. Of all the road users who cycle to work, a majority of them is affected by both noise and air pollution. Personally, I have been affected by the hooting of private motorists as they go past cyclists. It is thus imperative that legislators must come to the aid of the other road users. The public infrastructure in Britain, especially for the majority of road users is not up to the set standards. The individuals who walk to school, or cycle to work is the least catered for by the infrastructure. Both men and women should get the same opportunities and chances so that gender-based inequalities are minimized. Although mass cycling does have it's own inequalities; it is imperative to comprehend that the numbers of the previously discriminated individuals are higher. It is thus a win-win situation.

It is up to the public authorities comes up with policies, measures, and infrastructure with regard to the individuals who feel that they have not been awarded the same opportunities in Britain. A good instance is whereby some special investiture could be extended to cycling. If a particular infrastructure is not suitable for riding when one has kids, then the infrastructure could be deemed as discriminatory. I would thus like the local mayor to come up with measures to ensure that all minority groups are included when consultations regarding public infrastructure are discussed in the future.


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