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Instructional supervision involves a situation where intervention is provided by a senior member (supervisor) to a junior member (teacher). The characteristics of this relationship are that it is evaluative and extends through a specific period. It also involves the enhancement of the leadership qualities or professional functioning of the student. Instructional supervision can be considered an observation of a performer which is the teacher by a supervisor which is a generally-to-be-excellent performer. Supervision concerns the examination of an analysis of the behaviors of the teacher, and consequently, there is the provision of recommendations concerning the actions that the teacher can take instructional.

The goal of participating in instructional supervisions will to ultimately improve my teaching and learning. Since supervision is a collaborative process, my supervisor and I will be able to determine ways of improving instructions. It also about determining errors and dialogue engagement and this will enable me to realize my weaknesses and make necessary improvements. In this process, the supervisor will help me in changing and improving instruction appropriately. This process will be dependent on my knowledge base, technical skills in addition to my interpersonal skills. The supervisor's direct instructions will help in application these elements for the achievement of my professional development.

To achieve the ultimate goal, I must be sure to improve on some important supervision training values. One the values are collaboration since instructional supervision is a collaborative interpersonal process involving observation, feedback and evaluation, problem-saving and knowledge and skills acquisition through instruction. Supervisors actively involve the teacher on the best strategies to improve instructions. Also, the supervisor listens to the concerns of the teacher for appropriate critical assessment. The supervisory, instructional process is a collaborative process in which the parties work together for the improvement of instructions. In this case, I will be able to use the feedback from the supervisor to improve my leadership and instruction levels. Another value is ethical considerations in which the teacher should ensure ethical standards and professional practices to the ensure student welfare is promoted and protected. I should be able to disobey official regulations if some instructions will potentially interfere with the students' welfare. Also, there is the value of development of meta-competence which will be facilitated by the supervisor. Through my supervisor's assessment, I will be able to determine the best way I can teach and provide constructive ideas for change. It is also best performed in a classroom setting which is well structured.

For my leadership growth and development, I must be able to listen to the instructor. In my development, the importance of instructional supervision cannot be understated.

To set the goals of the entire instructional supervision process, my supervisor and I will discuss the elements to be observed during the process. Some of the information of interest include the characteristics of the environment and my attributes. For instance, the process will take place in a structured classroom setting. I am very much self-directed, and I assume responsibility to ensure instructional excellence. I also take up constructive criticism positively and consider it for appropriate improvement. Then there is the observation in which my instructor will observe me during the process noting how I articulate my points to the students. Post-conference follows in which together with my instructor we evaluate my strengths and weaknesses for the performance during the observed lesson. It is an opportunity for reflective discussion concerning the lesson and the effectiveness of teaching. This shows why diagnosticians suppose supervisors. Teaching is an activity with attributes such as complexity, interactivity, and context-specific. Some of my strengths that will enhance this process include that I am self-directed, I am good at self-direction and always consider criticism positively. Also, I have complete control of my professional development. However, I have a weakness which I am not very comfortable in participating with other teachers as partners. This means there are instructional improvement activities I will work hard to improve and they include peer coaching and problem-solving groups.

In my development and this observational process, the supervisor will play a critical role. First, they will work as a leader. It is the responsibility of the instructor to lead the teacher to ensure instructional effectiveness. The will also offer their leadership in the development and implementation an effective plan for the instructions. However, the teaching demands are increasingly becoming complex thus increasing the role of the leader. It, therefore, brings the need for adaptability to people and environment instead of adopting a normative form of leadership. They also help in the development of solutions for the issues that arise. The supervisor provides guided directed approaches for teachers to develop both personally and professionally. They offer specialized help to teachers to ensure the improvement of instructions. Supervisors assess errors and teachers are engaged for enabling them to realize their deficiencies. It is about probing questions to the teacher for the facilitation of examination of teacher's practice.

It, therefore, means the function of effective instructional supervision entails the improvement of a student's achievement. To achieve this, appropriate goals are set and defined using the collaboration of the supervisor and the teacher. This means instructional supervision is a collaborative process to ensure the set goals are realized.

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