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You may have the same problem over and over again; the issues of not being able to either remember phone numbers or birthdays. This may be as a result of what is known as the 'Google Effect.' As a matter of trying to justify how much we've outsourced our memories, we will realize that everybody is satisfied with the fact that answers are a click away. I will, therefore, type the word on my computer, "Is the internet making us stupid?" I then click on the enter button and what do I realize? In roughly one second, several answers and journals on the same are displayed on the screen. It is due to the nature of my unsettled feeling that comes naturally via my instincts to Google my dumbness which explains why the level of daftness increases. This paper seeks to expound on the effects of the internet to the intelligence of people.

Several research activities have proven that a significant percentage of individuals (around ninety percent) are facing digital amnesia. Within this number, there is around seventy percent who can't get even their spouses' phone numbers while about forty-nine percent of the number can't be memorized their childrens numbers. With the advent of the Internet, people have substantially changed the way they handle the vast amount of information in it. The Google Effect will, therefore, come in to help us remember what sort of information we need from the Internet and the place in which such information can be harnessed in the same platform. Due to such effects, people no longer require storing information in their memories like they used to, before the advent of the Internet technology. Our brains have become reliant on the internet for purposes of memorization. We, therefore, don't bother remembering a bit since we are assured that everything we need to know is already on the Internet. Also, with the increase of smartphones, there are speculations that we have shifted the work of memorization to these gadgets by persistently referring to them when confronted with issues requiring personal creativity. We are therefore deviating to the core value of paying attention to life. As a result, we have become worse at things that require our reasoning.

Some people will argue that technology has helped us live digitally, or smarter. This is because we have the potential to access answers to issues in our lives quickly. On the contrary, I will question this formed opinion on the level of technological intelligence. In my perspective, giving too much attention to the tools of artificial intelligence will lead to the final burial of our standard of personal creativity. Even though technology fastens the manner in which we find answers to our problems, we forget that we have the capability to find the answers ourselves in a way that will enable us to develop problem-solving skills. We don't think smarter with the help of the internet; we get more stupid. We should not be too anxious about what technology means to our lives. We require a better measure of personal competency. This wont be achieved through depending, all our live on technology. Everyone should be alert and that even though human memory is not comparable to that of a computer, we are smarter than computers are. It is by remembering things that we can actually get connected to the things we are aware of. As a result, we better our knowledge. When we are detached from connecting to our minds, we are detached from being knowledgeable.

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