Essay Sample: Account for Angela Merkels Unusual Success as a Female Leader of Germany

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Angela Merkel has stood out as an outstanding person and an influential woman who is most respected not only by her citizens but also by the leaders among other people from across the world. Merkels appearance in the political arena amidst men has motivated many women towards competing with men in areas and posts which were initially presumed as mens. Majority of women have decided to take after Merkel as their role model. Being a Chancellor and a head of state, things might not have been easy for Merkel but still, she has managed to maneuver against all odds to make German a good country and a better place for her citizens and other foreigners. It is always thought that women have a non-persevering heart in that whenever the challenges are so many they easily give up; this has not been the case for Merkel despite the big role she has had in her hand (Van Zoonen, 2006). Van Zoonen (2006) highlights the place where women in power (a position he regards as unusual) have been presumed to belong in the society that has much belief and confidence in leadership by men. The current world is made to foster the essence of gender equality and equal participation of people in all areas without prejudice. In order for a woman to stand out amidst men for a long time, there must be some key reasons as to how she does it and how that works for her and her supporters. The aim of this paper is to give an account of Angela Merkels success which is considered unusual as a female leader of one of the most influential countries in the world, Germany.

Merkel has presumed herself mutti mother of her nation. This has made her forge through many obstacles as everyone would always respect their mothers. She says that the fact that the Germans, men, and women, old and young see her as a mother; then, they are obliged to duly respect whatever she says.

Prioritizing on non-biased leadership is a key factor that has seen Merkels ruling term being longer than any other womans in power (Wiliarty, 2008). Elimination of prejudice at the various institutions facilitates unity and equality in the participation of the parties involved in these areas without basis of gender or race. When people come and work together, a lot is realized than when people work in groups that are marginalized. Despite Kohl being Merkels role model, she did not spare him when he was involved in a scandal that was jeopardizing the countrys economic state; this was a great sign of how she would run an unbiased state.

Maximizing on implementing oppositions policies before they attack you with them is another influential factor responsible for irrefutable leadership of Angela Merkel (Yoder, 2011). Planning on how to run a government encompasses dealing with the opposition who in most cases are bent on making it hard for the person who runs a state. Having a common ground with the opposition does not only mean that one confers with them, but it means that there is a willing power of negotiations and considerations. There should be no conflicts with the opposition at whatever cost, as this always ends up being bad news for the running party.

Meeting the demands and needs of the minority and marginalized groups is another stepping-stone towards the realization of a prosperous term in office. Many are the cases where men leaders have been observed to not emphasize on alleviating the gap between the rich and the poor, and the allowance of women to participate in certain key areas of a countrys economy. Merkel has ensured that there is the provision of security for people across the state including the low-income level families; this has also included capping of rises in the rent paid by this group of individuals. Minimum wages are promised to workers at their various workplaces with emphasis that the provisions will not lead to tax hikes.

It is important to have a plan, but whatever the case never disclose it to anyone. In public, Merkel has in many occasions stick to homilies which emphasize on good housekeeping and its essentiality for a dynamic society. A well-executed secret plan can only be realized by the public from its fruits, and as such the demerits that come along with the decisions made towards the execution of the plan will always remain a closed book before the public.

Identification of what a country wants serves to benefit the running head of the state as he or she makes certain important decisions to help him or she run the government. Opportunities may come but it is important to note that not all of them will always mean or bring forth good for the country. Priority should be put on key matters that affect the sovereignty of the country. Merkel has successfully initiated various projects to help sustain the economic diversity of Germany across the global economy.

Evasion of risks at whatever cost is also key in smooth running of a country because this reduces the vulnerability of the country to losses among other issues that may arise from poor governance. Merkel accepts the fact that she is not particularly courageous and as a result, she always has to determine the extent to which a certain risk is going to put her and the state at; the intensity and implication of partaking a certain risk. She takes time in order for her to be able to weigh out whether or not to partake the risk.

Stories like Angela Merkels are meant to brainwash human beings from the perception that some works or posts at whatever level are meant for men and, therefore, women have no reason to engage in competing with them for the latter. There should be fair grounds based on gender equality for what one may want to pursue. All cases of discrimination should not be accepted for a country that wants to prosper for the benefits of her citizens.


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