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Successful aging refers to the state of being comfortable and healthy physically, mentally, and socially. Most people have aged successfully and lived up to 100 years old. In the video, Dan Buettner talks about ways an individual can find the path to long life and health. The paper describes four primary factors that appear to affect successful aging from Dan Buettners video. Additionally, it discusses a way I can positively improve my aging trajectory.

The first factor, which appears to affect successful aging, is moving naturally. In the video at approx. (16.00), Dan Buettner affirms that none of the individuals who have lived past 100 years in the blue zone communities exercise. He explains that these people have set up their lives to involve themselves with physical activities such as walking and doing house chores with their hands. Simon (2015) indicates that leisure time physical activity such as walking, biking, and running results in longevity. Similarly, Mauk (2014) states that change in activities such as climbing the stairs, walking, and other daily life activities leads to successful aging.

The second factor, which appears to affect successful aging, is the right outlook. In the video, at approx. (16.54), Dan Buettner articulates that most people in the blue zone communities take a downshift in regards to praying. More so, he affirms that these communities have a vocabulary for their sense of purpose such as the ikigai. Cherry, Marks, Benedetto, Sullivan, Barker & for the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study (2013) avow that their participants linked successful aging to rewarding interpersonal relationships, social activities, and acceptance of change. Additionally, Mauk (2014) asserts that nurses should identify the spiritual strengths of their clients and meet those needs that have an impact on their health.

The third factor, which appears to affect successful aging, is eating wisely. At approx. (17.40), Dan Buettner asserts that people who live up to 100 years do not go on diets. In fact, as he explains, these individuals have a plant-based diet and have strategies to prevent them from overeating. Cherry, Marks, Benedetto, Sullivan, Barker & for the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study (2013) articulate that participants in their study viewed overeating and overdrinking limits longevity. Similarly, Mauk (2014) advises that abstinence from tobacco and moderate use of alcohol will lead to successful aging.

The fourth factor, which appears to affect successful aging, is the level of connection. At approx. (18.00), Dan Buettner states that individuals who live up to 100 years have a faith-based community where they learn to take care of the old, put their families first, and surround themselves with the right people. Cherry, Marks, Benedetto, Sullivan, Barker & for the Louisiana Healthy Aging Study (2013) state that in their study, participants aged 90 and above affirmed that religious faith reflects an awareness of imminent mortality. As well, participants in the study grouped religious faith in dimensions such as faith community, which incorporates relationships and involvement. Second is religious practice such as prayer and scripture study. The third is spiritual beliefs, which is the personal and internal faith.

In summary, successful aging involves social, physical, and mental activities. The discussion by Dan Buettner provides insights into the path to successful aging. From a personal perspective, one particular way, which I can improve my aging trajectory positively is by taking evening walks. I intend to walk every day for 30 minutes to maintain a healthy weight, manage diseases, and improve my balance. Setting my alarm every 6.00pm in the evening will make it easier for me to improve my route to healthy aging.



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