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Health is a very contentious issue touching on all population irrespectively worldwide, thus a top priority for many states. The United States government is not left behind. It places keen emphasis on ensuring its citizens have access to quality medical services equitably. Financial audits and research were done have revealed that the health sector is among the institutions with the highest government expenditure. It is estimated that the Health and Human Services Department spent over $ 1 Trillion annually on health. Medicare is an initiative by the federal government to ensure the provision of quality health services to marginalized groups, which includes persons of age 65 and above. They are entitled to access to this medical insurance initiative that covers over 75% of their medical needs.

Enjoying similar benefits are citizen suffering from chronic conditions such as kidney failure, and those challenged with the disability. Over 45 Million citizens have benefited from Medicare since its launch in 1965. The government is set to boost funds emitted to ensure the sustainability of Medicare. Ideally, there is need to ensure that more of the vulnerable population is enrolled to enjoy these services. As an initiative geared towards improving healthcare, if open for all, Medicare would offer an opportunity for everybody across all divides to ensure their health with them, which eventually will expand its coverage and financial growth.

The United States economy continues to rise in trajectory. Therefore, the healthcare sector expects increased funding from the government. Within a decade, Medicare targets to increase the number of enrolled beneficiaries and ensure that 100% coverage of their medical needs. The United States government is not the sole provider of financial assistance to this initiative; Medicare is a humanitarian project that has caught the attention of various international health and social service providers. Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as the Common Wealth Funding, World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) have also extended their hand to support this program. Other Special groups such as the United States Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) are also set to benefit from the program once it expands.

Medicare hopes to establish financial sustainability through a partnership with the Federal Health Service providers and the community as a whole. Despite the popularity and the advantages to this initiative, financial experts still question whether the strategies laid by the government will be effective in ensuring that the initiative cares for the future generation. This is drawn from the fact that the action strains taxpayers and overburdens the general economy.

Medicare is a one of a kind initiative, that has since gained massive support from most of the United States citizens. Experts, therefore, project that Medicare program is set to last for decades following the growing United States economy. With the many expectations like Healthy people 2020, Medicare is in the right position to help America realize its solemn dream of a better America with robust and healthy people.

To boost this initiative, the government has established various strategies to ensure sustainability. Medicare practitioners are advised to operate equitably, a bid that seeks to ensure that access and control of resources are distributed fairly to all regions within the state. Many of those within the vulnerable population are encouraged to register with this program. Medicare initiative is set to form alliances with financial health providers to ensure transparency and accountability. The digital era has also facilitated the preservation of this program as through various social platforms more supporters and donors will be tapped. Moreover, information on this initiative will be available to a wider audience.

Alongside partnerships with other healthcare service providers, Medicare should provide training facilities, mentorship programs among others, to ensure that citizens are educated on health matters. Furthermore, in a bid to attract more residents to enroll in this reliable curated pension plan, Medicare should look into increasing options in its membership selection to incorporate other groups such as the LGBTQ, the youths and those in need of reproductive health.

Consequently, Medicare would grow more if it lowers the age limit due to the looming drop in life expectancy among the United States citizens today. The initiative should also work with social service providers to ensure equity for vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and disabled who cannot generate their finance to cater for their medical needs. One of the challenges noted during the annual review of the program by health practitioners is quality service production. To curb this problem, Medicare should boost its services such as primary insurance covers, medical prescriptions among others to attract more enrollees.

The federal government has declared health care a national priority; it is therefore expected that more funds will be injected to ensure that this initiative doesn't collapse. Beneficiaries are projected to receive more benefits and offers with the proposed reduction of payments. Medicare is set to be included in the Constitution and passed as a legal policy of the country to ensure that it is protected by the state. It would, therefore, serve as a fundamental right and freedom. It is the priority of the government to ensure that the needs of its citizens are catered for irrespectively. Medicare is Americans best approach to improving their health standards. With the right resource appropriation, it can propel to greater heights and reach out to virtually every American citizen. Judging from the support drawn from the citizens, this initiative can be termed as a sure bet, if all the proposals mentioned above are put in place.



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