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Provide one reason that explains why suicide rates are four times higher for men than for women.

Men are more likely to commit suicide than women due to nature or means through which the act of suicide is committed. Men tend to use violent or lethal means, such as the use of guns, hanging or strangulation. These methods are very lethal are usually result to death in a majority of cases. Women, on the other hand, tend to use non-violent means such as overdosing or poisoning themselves. Such actions are usually survivable if they get medical aid in due time, hence more women tend to be able to survive suicide attempts, unlike their male counterparts.

List, define, and exemplify three kinds of schizophrenic delusions.

The following are amongst the types of schizophrenic delusions:

Erotomanic delusions

This is a form of delusion whereby the patient thinks that they are in love with another person or are involved with a prominent individual (often a celebrity) in a romantic or sexual manner.

An example is of John Hinckley trying to assassinate Ronald Reagan in order to impress actress Jodie Foster who he was fixated to.

Grandiose delusions

Under this delusion, the patient has a false sense of being omnipotent or possessing particular abilities or skills or talents or that they are famous personalities themselves.

Somatic delusions

This is a form of delusion whereby the patient thinks that they are sick or that they suffer from a medical condition.

For example, a patient who thinks they have months to live because under the delusion that they are diagnosed with cancer.

List some places where a person might receive psychological treatment.

Psychological treatment may be sought after in the following places:

The use of medication, prescribed by a doctor or a therapist. Enrolment into support groups such as Community Support Programs under medical supervision in order to help coach the patient back to health may also help. Psychological therapy, often under the keen eye of a mental health practitioner. The patient can be hospitalized in order to be closely watched, treated and nurtured back to health. Self-help Plans. An individual identifies his problem and puts in place measure and steps that promote the regaining of his health.

What are some barriers to receiving mental health treatment?

Inadequate access to mental healthcare. Sometimes its too costly or patients are admitted when its too late to salvage their mental health or just the minimal number of mental healthcare workers available. Stigma towards mental patients. They are often viewed as a shame and shunned and those whose care they are under often hide them from the community. There is the problem of self-sufficiency whereby patients think they fix the problem on their own and dont see the need to seek professional help. Inadequate awareness on mental health. Most people just go on oblivious of the need for a regular checkup on their mental health.

Explain the difference between racism, prejudice, and discrimination.

Racism is the conceived belief that one race, nationality or ethnic group is superior, well-placed, better or inferior to another; leading to unfair/ indifferent treatment solely on the grounds of an individuals or groups race and/or culture.

Prejudice is a negative attitude that results in an unfair opinion towards people or groups as a result of these peoples belonging to a particular social group.

Discrimination refers to derogatory/ demeaning actions focused on a group or individuals due to the fact that they belong to a particular race, social standing, age, economic class or gender.


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