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Abortion is the Interruption of the fetus or the embryo in its progress before it matures. The process entails evacuating the fetus or embryo from the womb and is conducted through suction or taking of the oral pills. There are instances when miscarriage is confused for abortion; however, the fact remains, miscarriage is an involuntary natural termination of pregnancy while abortion remains a purposeful act initiated by the woman.

The act of aborting the fetus/embryo has become the most challenging and controversial moral issue in the society. The question that dominates everyone in the society is whether abortion is morally wrong and whether it should be illegalized. Different research on abortion of the fetus concentrates on finding out whether the fetus based on its pursued features should be referred to as a person. The concept of personhood is what bridges the fetus/embryo to its entitled rights of the living. Many instances of abortions occur in the society today. These cases are influenced by some factors such as incapability of affording the needs of the expected baby, not being in the position to comfortably cater to the current kids and the new baby. Also, the demand of the child such as on caregiving period may cause interference on the womans education, and may as well affect the future relationships, and this is has contributed to young girls to settle for abortion. Women in their teenage ages who are still in school and single account for averagely half of the conducted abortions, answering the question of who has abortions?

I find purposeful abortion as being morally wrong in our society unless it is a miscarriage or medically advised to save the life of the woman. It is not its unethical to terminate the life of a fetus since this is an innocent growing baby. I decided to carry out a personal research to ascertain different views regarding the issue of abortion. Through an engagement with the elderly and other religious leaders. I realized that different opinions exist on how personal values affect abortion in the society, the effect of societal expectations to abortion. The views ranged from a traditional perspective, personal point view and spiritual perspective.

Religious leaders condemn abortion as it tampers with spiritual health because abortion process entails terminating the fetus/embryo also ending the human life. A baby is a blessing to a family and is God given, so aborting the fetus is a sign of refusing to receive what has come from the Lord, He is the giver of life, and He gives from conception moment

Effect of expectations by the society affects abortion in a way that sometimes ideas about how women are supposed to be can impact on ones decision making about conducting an abortion or keeping a pregnancy. Historically, women have been expected to maintain their virginity until legally married, and this still exists today, and this influences one when considering the shame they may bear in the society and thus decides to abort to prevent that. Personal values affect abortion in a way that issues about pregnancy and abortion are wide-ranging and complex. People to have different views and beliefs regarding abortion and pregnancy, some friends or family members I interviewed tend to judge or pressures someone and in the long run settles on a poor decision which is aborting.

Regarding safety, abortion affects women physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some of the physical complications are severe as they cause injury to the fallopian tube and also exposes it to bacterial invasion. Furthermore, some women are emotionally injured as they get depressed, anger, sexual dysfunction, and experience lasting guilt. The affected women tend to frequently flashback on the experiences and face hardship in having close relationships. Besides that the fetus is not yet seen as a person until it grows to a baby, it is therefore not considered to have a moral value. Therefore zygote or a womans egg will also have to be considered a person if a fetus is considered so, and hence should be entitled to human rights. This answers my question of whether the pregnancy is an individual life form or part of the womans body?

The only property that occurs naturally is what can give or explain the ultimate reason for unjustly killing an already existing being; this will be the final basis for reference only if no other natural property provides the foundation for a better explanation of the detriment of killing. Besides all the different opinions given by philosophers and persons on the issue of aborting the fetus. What science justifies at conception is when human life begins and thus religion seconds the idea too, thus moral and virtuous education targeting the adolescent and giving the women a back to relying on will be the most effective strategy in preventing the increasing abortion rates. The right attitude to sexual behaviors and procreative functions will hence be an order of inheritance by the upcoming generation.

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