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Various factors influence how people are attracted to each other due to physical proximity. The tendency of individuals to form interpersonal relations with others depends on social settings and the probability of developing friendship. Therefore, the formation of friendships influenced by the geographical location that facilitates constant as well as continual interaction among the same participants with common behavior. Hence, individuals with common interest tend to share similar characters and norms, while influential people tend to have a different lifestyle as compared to other citizens. Thus, one becomes a stranger by an act of spatial transgression, whereby the scarcity of knowledge about an unknown individual does not seem to bother the urbanites. Inasmuch as strangers are not only related but have different common grounds, they tend to communicate in different ways using verbal and non-verbal as well as facial expressions. The spatial ordering of city activities illustrates the diverse groups that are segregated and have little contact with each other. This paper explains the observation at the social setting of strangers as well as their patterns of interaction.

The spatial ordering of activities in cities enables residents to maintain a limited level of intimacy with strangers. Strangers tend to have an unusual lifestyle that creates a different social setting from other individuals in the community. Unlike other citizens with certain areas where they come into contact and familiarize with one another, strangers have hidden locations. By segregating the poor and the unemployed in the ghetto has led to the development of social setting whereby they interact and form criminal cults that affect the city residents. When affluent individuals develop real estate, longtime residents are pushed aside; thus, developing their own city and interact as they share common characters. Due to such acts, the developed real estates are ventured in by wealthy people that rarely interact with other citizens as they are of different social setting.

Strangers are likely to meet and start a relationship in setting such as parties as they share the same characters of partying while having fun. During such occasions when a disaster occurs, individuals tend to share information to help curb the prevailing disaster; consequently, becoming mutually dependent on each other. Apart from talking, strangers tend to interact through nonverbal gestures that indicate the willingness of the stranger to interacting with others. Through nonverbal gestures, strangers are able to establish whether the people they are interacting with will respond to them as they communicate or not. However, the desire of strangers to interact with others illustrates their interest by using non-verbal gesture. For instance, by eliminating territorial markers such as books which are close to showing that their personal space is free for people to sit closer to them and interact. In other situation, strangers communicate through making things go wrong deliberately, by pretending to be lost and bumping into other individuals and start a conversation. This method creates a social setting where the ordinary befits the extraordinary; thus, increasing the chances of interactions among strangers.

To sum up, the manner by which individual accomplish their public interactions depends on the fact that the social setting is completely populated with people who are strangers. For every interaction creates a measure of uncertainty and threats, strangers end up relying on the information they acquire by observing the public behavior.

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