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Professionalism is an umbrella of attributes that characterize a profession. The attributes are defined differently by different occupations. Some people deem professionalism as having the proper knowledge and skill to perform the said task efficiently. It may involve having a long-term training and holding of qualification certificates. However, not all professions can be held by a standard gauge of training. Therefore there is a branch that attributes professionalism as the right conduct behavior of the persons in the field. Medical professionalism can be evaluated and measured. The professionalism entails competence and can be taught. Medical professionalism requires adherence to ethical laws and regulations, productive interactions with colleagues and patients and commitment to serve and sharpen the skills.

Medical billing and coding experts are the links between the patients, health provider, and the insurance. The specialists correctly code diagnosis. They are required to have vast knowledge in the ICD-10-CM codes and ICD-9-CM codes and the CPT codes. The practitioners have to extremely professional in their undertakings since they handle sensitive information.

The specialist must take at all cost protect the privacy of the patients because its lawful and the right thing to do. It is a requirement by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to be discrete of the patients treatment, diagnosis, and medical history. Respect for the patients privacy and other stuff is also essential in the field of medical billing and coding. The practitioner interacts both directly and indirectly with the patients. In most cases, the patients do not understand the specs of billing and coding, and it's therefore essential that they are patient with them.The skill comes in handy when resolving conflicts are clearing any disagreement.

The billing and coding officer must practice integrity along the line of work. He/ she is required to be genuine and committed to his job to avoid the coding errors. Coding errors slow the process of claiming an insurance compensation to the clients. The officer is also required to be neutral in dealing with the clients. No preferential treatment should be given to any client no matter how familiar they are. That kind of professionalism will ensure all the stipulated laws are followed.

Professionalism will depict the sort of reputation I will have in my career.It is important that I build a positive reputation for easing the propelling of my future. People will always judge my professionalism with the kind of decisions that I make. It is imperative that there is a healthy relationship with the bosses and colleges. People will always judge your professionalism with the sort of decisions that I make, so its important that I build good relationships and restrict any complaining. Professionalism will ensure that I am ethically grounded and practice integrity. Realism will enable me to maneuver when the forces clash between personal interest and job security and ethics.

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