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The novel Insurgent and Divergent are both published by Katherine Tegen books which mostly publishes YA fiction novels. The Insurgent is more similar to the divergent in a way that it continues to explore the story of Tris and the dystopian post-apocalyptic kind of Chicago. Regarding the novel of Divergent, a fight now emerged as the struggle between the offshoots and their philosophies grows, as Tris try to save the people around her.

Therefore, the novel Divergent is set in ultramodern dystopia whereby the society is grouped into five sections where each signifies a different virtue; young ones have to choose in case they want to live in their sections or move somewhere else-for their entire lives. Tris Prior came up with a decision that amazes everybody. Before, Tris and her colleague section-members have to stay in a very competitive instigation routine to abandon the decision they had made. They have to go through a thrilling physical and a forceful emotional test, which will change them all. But then again, Tris has a furtive that she is Divergent, in other words, she doesn't fit in any one group. Which if any other person would know then it means a particular death. As she realizes a growing struggle that hovers to untangle her apparently peaceful society, this furtive might assist her to rescue the people around her or maybe harm her.

However, the novel Divergent is more of similar to the story called the hunger games whereby both novels belong to the genre called dystopian literature. The two novels have numerous violence in them. Even though, in Divergent, there is no issue of the love triangle, unlike the hunger games which has. Therefore, Divergent is a good book, as it stands on its own in the dystopian genre

Also, the novel Divergent is related to the YA publications and trends, for instance, the dystopian trend which is a plea of dark storylines to the current youths, It also shows how one can show courage and victory even during tough situations. Furthermore, the Divergent novel has applied the metaphors like relating the issues in the book to today's affairs in our world

The literary influences of the new novel are on the fact that Divergent is more of the current book with its ideal world of offshoot systems formed to minimize on war. By pitching deeper into the rock bottom of divergent and carefully analyzing the thoughts in the text, one learns that divergent has a historical influence as it can be linked to the radical ideas of Marxism and capitalism

After reading the novel of Divergent, Tris alongside other readers comes to learn that assuming other peoples values in an attempt to make your known is a big mistake. But instead, willingness to learn from other people and identify individual flaws will eventually give you a flexible person. Also, the reader learns the importance of the value of being oneself as essential moral, in a way that it allows one not to be same as others who feel they should hide who they are.


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