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"All The World's a Stage" by William Shakespeare is an illustrative poem equating human beings' current life and the several other developmental stages regarding many rolls that come into one's life. He relates the world to a play whereby all men and women are pure players on the platform known as the world. All the world's a stage' symbolizes the whole world being comparable to a stage on which plays are done. People come into the world through different itineraries and depart on different routes. Shakespeare identifies seven phases that an individual endures in a lifecycle. Infancy, the point whereby he is a toddler given birth to the world, crying and retching in the arms of the nurse and mother. Youthful, this is a phase where he is developing and starts schooling without any form of gusto or delight. The lover, this is a period where he gets into a sphere with a lady friend and falls in friendship with her, even though he attempts to sing her melodies he cannot come up with resolute perceptiveness because he is nervous. The soldier stage is when he strains to keep his repute with lessened psychological interest on himself, and continuously being prepared to fight back. The impartiality point is where he has extended intelligence and fortune through the life experiences he has gone through. At the old age phase is the time he starts to miss his fascination substantially and psychologically, he correspondingly misses his determination and persona. Lastly, he experiences mental and physical lose, he starts to become reliant other people like a baby and requires continuous support from them in order to carry out any task He gradually loses his eyesight, teeth and sense of taste, until he eventually breathes last.

Although the upbringing of one's social life plays an important role in defining the future bestowed upon him, the circumstances are not so in the lurch. For instance, man is strong-minded and determined enough, he definitely has the braveries and audacity to face difficulties, and he can possibly do spectacles through his unbreakable work. Even in an artwork actors act differently, not all of them carry out their work by the same token. The same case is equivalent in this world a few people establish their mark in different areas of activity. Some turn out into great influential leaders, academicians, physicians and even artists, there are individuals who have given away in hardships and struggles from the circumstances because they experienced a state of affairs within the setting.

Nevertheless, this is only one phase of the assertion. It also skins in another unfathomable and pertinent thought that dominion is a very big place for anyone to contemplate himself its principal master. All the paramount leaders had to consent and leave some day; the world did not really give them a stop. They exemplified their roles and paved way for others to play their part too. Human beings are not remarkable, the world is. Every person needs to bow to God Almighty, a countless and mysterious power which is all incorporative and meaningful. The society is supposed to keep away from severe affection, envy, and greediness, this is because the world is only likelihood, people live till the demands get into revelation. However all this does not really mean that one is supposed to leave the whole lot to God, rather everyone is entitled to struggle for the better tomorrow.

Every individual should his or her duties with devoutness and righteousness. God has the power to change man's natural life. Worlds being as stage' does not intonate that human beings are string-puppets but actors. All human race need to turn away from the perspective of not working negating the negative traits like greediness. A well-acted play role howsoever unimportant is highly treasured by the addressees. Similarly, a fighting fit-lived life befits an object lesson for others to keep an eye on and learn from it. One receives compliments, friendship, reverence, and fame if he perfectly does what is entrusted to him with devoutness and righteousness howsoever inconsequential. William Shakespeare's usage of similes helps create some comparison aspect between man and the world; it gives meaning to the poem by addition of emphasis on certain themes. For instance, at the start of the poem, he uses "men and women merely players" (Line 2) to clarify that human beings do not really own the whole world but then live in it. Through the usage of this simile, he expounds the manner in which the society progresses through natural life in approximation to a play, making ingress to the stage and subsequently disappearing. The poet also uses some similes to pronounce various transitions in life, for instance in the second stanza he compares the schoolboy to a snail, this assists the public to comprehend how the boy is improving on his life expectancy and he is no longer a mewling toddler but an indolent boy. Shakespeare subsequently likens man's beard to a pard, this helps the addressees or public to create a spitting image of an old man showing some degree of change from a schoolboy to a man. Additionally, the use of similes helps to put more emphasis on the befalling stage by usage of distinctive adjectives in the contrasts such as; creeping, pard, and mewling. The adjectives help one to create phantasmagorias of each generic stage that a boy child develops through.

Shakespeare is looking at the sense that human life is one of the transitory fragments of the larger world where human beings make entrances and exits. When independence and freedom are regulated by the customs in society, life is no longer uncertain and the consequences in a set of prearranged activities whereby one is acting out like a preprogrammed automaton being lacking distinctiveness. The poet explains that the worlds stand out like a stage where the players play their roles, the players being mankind and the women who are the protagonist of their individual play and such is life.

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