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"James Baldwin." Sonny's Blues (2012). Print.

This article "Sonny's Blues," was written by James Baldwin where he narrates a story about Sonny, his younger brother. This story is one of the many stories by James Baldwin. Baldwin is a novelist, poet, and a social critic by profession. This is a fictional literature work where Baldwin is trying to put it on paper about drugs. In this article, the author has narrated about his brother Sonny, who got arrested because of drugs. The narration starts by illustrating how he was scared of the story when he found in the newspaper and after that are the conversations between him and Sony while in jail and after living the jail. The significance of this article is that it is a sample work by James Baldwin. This article has a similarity with Kowalska, Article "Troubled Reading: 'sonny's Blues' and Empathy," since they have focused on the same discussion of Sonny Blues. The only difference is that Kowalska has criticised the work of James Baldwin concerning his style of writing a narration.

Kowalska, Eva. "Troubled Reading : 'Sonny's Blues' and Empathy: Original Research." Literator: Journal of Literary Criticism, Comparative Linguistics and Literary Studies. 36.1 (2015): 1-6. Print.

Eva Kowalska is an affiliate in the department of English University of Johannesburg in South Africa. In this article "Troubled Reading: 'sonny's Blues' and Empathy" the Author discusses the narration by James Baldwin about Sonny Blues. From the discussion, the author has raised some critiques emphasising how troublesome it is when reading the short story. The discussion also discusses the Sonny Blue's situation of being an addict of heroin and at the same time a Jazz musician. The author has also used some comparative critics concerning aspects of culture, linguistics and literary studies. The purpose of this article is that it provides a critical analysis of James Baldwin art of writting by focusing on his style of writing. Additionally, the article serves as a sample critique paper concerning the literary writing by Baldwin. This article addresses similar comparative framework just like the article by Naughton, "2013," The whole Root Is Somewhere in the Music." The difference between the two articles is that Naughton has focused on the literary work by James Baldwin and Phillips' In the Falling Snow.

Naughton, G.D. "the Whole Root Is Somewhere in the Music'': Jazz, Soul, and Literary Influence in James Baldwin and Caryl Phillips." Ariel. 44 (2013): 113-140. Print.

Gerald, D. Naughton, is an affiliate of John Hopkins University who has written the article "The Whole Root Is Somewhere in the music." This article has discussed on literary influence by focusing on literary work by James Baldwin "Sonny's Blues" and Caryl Phillips "In the Falling Snow." The author has emphasised on issues relating to the article by Baldwin and Carl Phillips. In their literary work, the author has focused on musical structures, themes, and motifs regarding the two texts. This significance of this text in this paper is that it has emphasised on the works by Baldwin which is the theme of study. Another significance is that it will provide a critic framework concerning the literary work by James Baldwin. This article is similar to that Eva Kowalska, "Troubled Reading: 'sonny's Blues' and Empathy." regarding their comparative frameworks. The articles only disagree on their literary works where Naughton, G.D., has focused on an extra text by Caryl Phillips.

Scott, Lynn O. "Trends in James Baldwin Criticism 200110." James Baldwin Review. 2 (2016): 168. Print.

This article "Trends in James Baldwin Criticism 200110," was written by Scott Lynn O. Lynn Orilla Scott is an affiliate of the Michigan State University. In the article, the author has focused on the literary work by James Baldwin from 2001 through 2010. The author has also discussed the criticism of Baldwin's entire artistic from the 1960s and that of the new millennium. Additionally, the author has also focused on the aspects of the literary work by Baldwin such as civil rights and Black Power movements. The core significance of this article is that it supports the artistic work by Baldwin James. Another relation of this article to my topic is that it gives a full account of the literary work of James Baldwin. This article is similar to that by Kowalska, Eva. "Troubled Reading: 'sonny's Blues' and Empathy: Original Research" regarding their focus. The outstanding difference is that Lynn O. Scott has discussed the entire artistic work, unlike Kowalska who reviewed the short story about Sonny Blues.


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