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The fact that the United States is one of the most developed countries brings about many advantages to the population. Some of these advantages are economic muscle, a good education system, healthcare, transport, production and many other benefits. The education system provides an avenue for people to change their way of life and therefore become self-dependent which has seen a decrease in the dependency ratio. Income inequalities and disparities are significantly reduced by the fact that many people can find employment and support themselves. Sincerely speaking the education has been tailored to ensure that skills are imparted to individuals right from high school level. This system has become a destination for many international students.

The advanced education has seen many people pay quite substantial amounts of money to get a taste of the benefits. This expensive system sees many people struggle their way through college and university to get the education. Families have stripped apart from the fact that children are in school. Educational, financial assistance in many institutions is provided to learners at an interest rate which can be settled in some more years in the working environment. With this financial aid, a family can live in neighborhoods which might not experience crime in a weeks time.

The system has solved the problems of low-end income earners and those living in poor neighborhoods that see their children end up in towns looking for jobs. These graduates happily live with roommates for quite some time until brokenness leads them to their parents in the rented houses. The system has raised the education levels in a manner that is evident in the correctional and incarceration facilities. Most individuals in these prisons having attained at least a high school diploma. The system is dependent on parental income and wealth as many affluent families can decide the future of their children education. High investment in schooling influences the future income of the learner, and thus common people are assured their children will live better lives.

College and university education has enhanced hard work which is crucial in the global job market to compete efficiently with Russian and Chinese qualified and innovative students. Competition has been escalated, and in modern large companies such as Walmart, employment preference rests on outsourcing high-tech and manufacturing skills. The United States is facing a decline in the standards of living and social instability due to high education and in the preparation of students to become hard-working individuals.

In learning institutions, students are more likely to find their soul mates and lovers which significantly influence their life after school. This feature has made the learning process a life fulfilling experience. This enables students to understand better issues concerning relationships at an age early which transforms them to responsible citizens. The large companies such as Apple Inc. have identified a niche in China and the assembling industries transferred to those areas. Many other companies are following suit and therefore ensuring the constant creation of jobs in those areas. These strategies are aimed at tapping human resources and labor cheaply available in those areas.

This system governed by the appraisal of hard work and characterized with sitting standardized exams, has seen more students acquire the top positions in science, mathematics, and engineering and engage in entrepreneurship. Sincerely the education system has enhanced creativity and critical thinking in a manner that can be attributed to patents, peer-reviewed articles published and Nobel prizes won. This aspect has made some countries such as Singapore consider an overhaul of their education system to encompass these virtues a turn away from studies enhancing technological advancements.

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