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The Palace of Green Porcelain [The Time Machine]

The Palace of Green Porcelain refers to an ancient museum which had already been abandoned. It is reported that the Time Machine gave such a name because of the outer walls that significantly resembled the green porcelain. After playing inside the palace many times, the evidence regarding the post-human races known as Eloi was found (Francis & Wells, 2009). The Time Traveler argues that it found the green porcelain after entering the palace together with Weema. Therefore, he explains what happened in the scene after the engaging in the examination of the building. The author reports that the time traveler came across many side windows as opposed to the customary hall. The Palace of Green Porcelain served various purposes which included the emphasis on how the human beings fall through the use of both Eloi and Morlocks. Furthermore, it demonstrates the large structures that were found in the region including the sound engineering structures and their designs. It is reported that the structures withstood the ages. The palace of Green Porcelain is also significant because it explains the wonders of technology that happened in the palace which included sophisticated weapons.

Alquist [R.U.R.]

Alquist refers to the main constructor and the supervisor of the construction unit at the R.U.R. It is reported that Alquist created the formula that was utilized in the establishment of new robots in that region. However, while trying to come up with a formula for making robots, he spent much time inventing it through the soliloquies. Furthermore, he engages in conversation with the robots and encourages them to bring other humans, but such was impossible because all the human beings as explained in the novel had died (Capek, 2002). Alquist in the R.U.R. is significant as it demonstrates the importance of the builders in the society. Furthermore, Alquist is important because it has been used by the author to explain the metaphysical despair and agony.

Gregory Kent [The Black Destroyer]

Gregory Kent [The Black Destroyer] is a character that engages in the destruction of good things that other characters have done. The name comes after the modifications done by the author to suit the theme of his novel (David, 2017). Through the character, the author forecasts the events from the stories that he had created and eventually coming up with a fascinating story reflecting the activities of the human beings in the society. It reflects the evil doings that have been going on in the society. According to the author, the character is significant as it reflects the modern society and what has changed in the contemporary world.

Mare Crisium [The Sentinel]

Mare Crisium refers to the sea of the crisis in the novel [The Sentinel]. It reveals the journey that was undertaken by the characters including Wilson in the novel. According to the author, the journey was mundane, but those who traveled were motivated, and they soldier on as a team. Some of the characters traveled from the main lunar base which was considered to be more than five kilometers away (Clarke & Jones, 2000). However, the travelers are well-equipped, and they used such equipment as the rockets, the tractors as well as the scientific sampling machinery. Moreover, the crew fears nothing, and that motivates them to move on with the journey smoothly. Gregory Kent [The Black Destroyer] is significant because it reveals the scientific improvements that have taken place in the society. The equipment utilized while traveling reflects the sophisticated equipment as a result of scientific innovations and inventions in the contemporary society.



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