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Trade-offs opt to have single and strategically situated centers instead of smaller dispersed units. This is because it facilitates a seamless flow of communication between the different departments of an organization CITATION Joh082 \l 1033 (Gero & Goel, 2008). Additionally, in tradeoffs, all stakeholders of an organization should be involved in their institutions strategic decision-making process CITATION Nic161 \l 1033 (Valcik, 2016). This is important since communication aids in reducing the resistance to change in an organization (Williams & Curtis, 2008; Williams & Curtis, CIM Coursebook 07/08 Marketing Management in Practice, 2012). Moreover, there are two ways through which technology can facilitate optimal decision-making in an organization.

First, technology has data processing capabilities, which means a large scale of information can be processed easily for decision making (Harik et al., 2017). Second, technology promotes speed in decision making by collecting information in a short period CITATION McG01 \l 1033 (McGregor, 2001). Johns Hopkins Hospital is among the most renowned medical institutions in the world CITATION Ell01 \l 1033 (Baer, 2001). Initially, the medical institution used the traditional patient record system to keep medical data and make a decision pertaining the interventions to issue to the patients. This system was problematic in its efficiency, but such problems were used through technology through the use of electronic health record system.

Operations management is an essential institutional performance aspect that promotes productivity in an organization (Stevenson, 2018). The queueing theory is among the most effective operations management tools that can reduce congestion in an institution (Aziziankohan et al., 2017). The general trade-off that can be recorded at the Blue Meadows restaurant is the delayed waiting of the customers in the queue particularly during peak times (Gumus et al., 2017). The restaurants management needs to be involved in the assessment of the cost of customers waiting for the restaurant services in the queue. Additionally, technology was effective in impacting on the institutions waiting line systems because it improved the level of communication flow between the customers and restaurant attendants in the queue.


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