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Behaviors vary with the type of disorder experienced by a person (Nolan-Hoaksama, 2007). This discussion gives examples of behaviors that might be exhibited by an individual with a given disorder and is involved in playing volleyball or is eating in a restaurant. The behaviors revolve around four disorders. Schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, and eating are the disorders used to characterize the behaviors (Butcher, 2015).

To start with, a person playing volleyball may exhibit different behaviors based on the kind of disorder he/she suffers from. For instance, if that person suffers from anxiety, several behaviors may be exhibited. One of the behaviors would be missing out routine exercises. The behavior might occur especially when the volleyball team has an important upcoming game or if the person had an accident while playing. As such, the persons with anxiety disorder feel safer while missing out the regular exercises hoping they will not get involved in the upcoming volleyball game. During an active game or volleyball exercise, a person suffering from an anxiety disorder may repeatedly lose out simple things such as serving the ball or receiving the ball from the opponent. A person suffering from anxiety has difficulties in focusing and this is aggravated if the person does not want the team to lose. Relatively, a person with anxiety might be aggressive while playing and to playing mates. The great fear of failure makes such a person blame other people or even fight the opponents.

A person suffering from eating disorder and is a part of a volleyball team may exhibit several behaviors. For instance, the person might avoid eating breaks and make excuses that they do not feel like eating. Such behaviors are seen in people with the eating disorder and are afraid of gaining weight or want to stay fit. Relatively, a person may eat small portions of food for the same reason. Also, a person playing volleyball might suffer from bipolar disorder. The person might dominate the pitch moving up and down in other players domain space because of heightened confidence. Such a person suffering from mania bipolar disorder feels excessively confidence and undermines his/her teammates. Conversely, when a person suffers from the depressed disorder, the person has difficulties concentrating and is not as effective in passing the ball, receiving the ball or even serving. Such people also appear sad and do not seem to enjoy the game.

A person playing volleyball might also have schizophrenia. Volleyball is an involving game and always has winners and losers. As such, an individual who has schizophrenia may exhibit unexpected hostility to fellow playmates or opponents. They also are not able to express joy even after winning a game, are not team players, and may ultimately seize playing volleyball for an unknown reason.

The other activity is eating food in a restaurant. A person with an anxiety disorder may exhibit several behaviors. For instance, such a person may be seen washing and rewashing hands before eating. A person with an anxiety disorder may fear been infected by germs and hence can wash and rewash as many times as possible. Another behavior that such a person might exhibit is avoiding tables already occupied by individuals or avoiding eye contact with people on the same table. Such behaviors by people with an anxiety disorder are meant to avoid conversation with other people. Another disorder is eating disorder. Such a person while eating in a restaurant may be seen eating small quantities of food, and avoid eating with others. The behaviors are normally because of fear of being seen eating by others and fear of gaining weight.

The other disorder that a person eating in a restaurant may be suffering from is bipolar disorder. For a maniac bipolar disorder, the person may talk a lot than supposed to while eating. Such a person has a lot to say and appears unsettled. On the other hand, a person suffering from depression show a lack of interest in eating and may leave leftovers after a few spoonsful. Lastly, a person eating in a restaurant may have schizophrenia. In such a case the person may appear disorganized and untidy. Just like in the anxiety disorder, such a person also avoids crowded tables and avoids indulging in a conversation. The person may also show hostility to the person serving food.




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