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Erik Karjaluoto presents the view that engaging in the writing process in design makes it possible to adequately engage in exploration in addition to assisting in conveying unexplored directions and ideas. He emphasizes the need for an individual to have the ability to draw in the design industry and that the process of writing has to be included for it plays a significant role. From his perspective, most of the designers limit the scope associated with the field. He presents his examples where he has to respond to emails, sending notes to designers, suppliers, and clients in addition to writing persuasive and congratulatory messages. From his view, words are part of the design profession on writing being crucial in a design workplace. He uses the example of email where he explains that it has become his main method of communication and a setting where does his design. He uses it to provide direction to his colleagues, present ideas to clients and sorting ideas such as making plans, sequences, and lists. He also includes an example where he was using visual exploration when presenting his ideas in which written content had to be used to persuade the clients. Karjaluoto views language as a power in the sense that it can influence situations. The view is that as long as one is in the workplace environment, the writing process has to be employed. He includes his frequent engagement in writing rationales, briefs and proposals as part of his work demands. From his perspective, his ability to engage in both verbal and written communication gives him the opportunity to address others adequately. Also, using both verbal and written communication has assisted him to improve his designing skills in addition to being able to express himself adequately. He views language as a gift and hence should be adequately employed. From his view, a professional designer is expected to use language efficiently whereby most designers tend to use language inadequately with the reasoning that it is not pure design. He uses the example of a creative designer writing briefs whereby he explains that writing briefs to colleagues demonstrate the commitment to ones work.

From an individual perspective, the authors argument is persuasive particularly on the view that writing is inevitable in any environment. Communication is necessary for any social environment and essential when it comes to achieving goals and objectives. He uses his experience with writing to demonstrate the significance of writing in design. The experiences include his relationship with his colleagues and clients whereby he mentions specific aspects of the application of writing. I believe that he communicates the idea that written communication in the workplace makes it possible to provide direction to employees and ensure that activities are done as expected. A good example is putting up a written form of the code of ethics on the noticeboards of a company. A manager does not have to frequently remind the members of staff of the expected behavior orally, but instead, the employees get the message through the noticeboards. I also align with the idea of writing in design as a symbol of commitment to the profession. From his views and examples, I align with the idea that writing is part of the design profession and that it has to be adequately used for it to be effective.

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